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The Mystery of C-3PO’s Raging Golden Erection

A well-endowed C-3PO is seen here in this 1977 trading card from Tops. For years Star Wars fans speculated on the card’s existence, many believing that it was just a myth. Well, it isn’t. Some say the reason behind its existence was a disgruntled Topps employee, or a prankster at Lucas Films. But the most likely reason is the timing …

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Kate Upton To Get Her Own Baseball Card

While it’s not technically called a “baseball card” if the person in question doesn’t play baseball, we’ll call it that for the sake of this article since it’s made by Topps and will be included in the 2012 summer series of their baseball trading cards. Upton, the voluptuous blonde model who shot to superstardom after appearing in a racy Carl’s …

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