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Topix Tagging 15,000 Blogs

Search results on Topix now include blog results, and the site said blog posts should show up in the index and on the site within 3 minutes of being crawled.

Now Contextual News, Its Topix

News aggregation site Topix recently added a new facet to their site. Contextual news links provide additional stories regarding a subject like say sports or business. While they’ve been building for a while, the site is really coming together.

Through the side window with RSS
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A story from the Associated Press has some great sound bites from mainstream media and others about RSS.

London Attack Blogger Round-up

Because of today’s horrible events in London, England, the majority of our blogging contributors devoted much of their day to posting about the various sources coverage of the explosions, which, by early estimates, has taken 33 lives.

Is The Topix Deal For $5 Million or $50 Million?

Bambi Francisco over at MarketWatch is reporting that the funding Topix received from the newspaper companies was less than $5 million.

Newspapers Buy Topix.net

Rich Skrenta reports that 75% of his Topix.net has been sold to three newspaper groups. Topix has been a hot property for some time, and news of the deal whilst surprising, makes an awful lot of sense, particulary from the point of view of a very scared newspaper industry…

Topix Increases Local News Sources

As major search engines work to include local searches and news, Topix.com, a site devoted to local news from around the country, has nearly doubled the amount of local news sources it crawls, from 3600 to 6000.