Topix.net Articles

Why Topix Should’ve Saved its $1 Million

The WSJ’s Kevin Delaney, provides a broad overview of the issues web site owners face when switching their web site from one domain to another – usually via a 301 redirect. The story focuses on Topix.net…

Trio Tosses $15 Million To Topix.net

The news aggregator owned by the three major US newspaper publishers accepted another chunk of cash in funding for its operations.

Topix.net Debuts Humongous News Search

The Topix.net News Search now covers news and blog results going back a year, and provides a capital way of searching through that index.

Newspapers Divvy Up CareerBuilder, Topix

Gannett, Tribune, and McClatchy have reworked their ownership percentages of online classifieds site CareerBuilder, the Topix.net news aggregator, and the ShopLocal.com search engine.