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Disneyland’s Toontown Evacuated After Apparent Dry Ice Explosion

While details are still coming in, reports reveal an explosion at Disneyland’s Toontown has caused the attraction to be evacuated. The Anaheim Police Department were part of the first responders, and based on their observations, the explosion was caused by …

Disney MMOs Aim For Kids, Branding

The Disney brand, one of the most well-known globally, reaches into the virtual world with a pair of massive multiplayer online games.

Disney Playing With Online Ads, Downloads
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The Walt Disney Company will make its popular Toontown MMORPG ad-supported later this year, and will offer movie downloads in conjunction with Microsoft.

Sony and Disney Getting Into MMORPG

What’s the hottest new MMORPG? Could be Lineage II? Guild Wars? The World of Warcraft? Yes? No? ToonTown you say? From Sony and Disney. Wow. This could be something keen. It’s family friendly AND it’s only $20. I may need to check this out.