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Google Continues to Push Toolbar Usage

Google’s Toolbar is a commonly utilized browser add-on for both Internet Explorer and Firefox users. With its search box, ad blocking, page rank features, and ability to track user behavior — its no wonder the company continues to aggressively market the tool in its search results

Yahoo Toolbar No Risk To China

Claims made by a rival to Yahoo China suggested the Yahoo Toolbar posed a security risk to users, and merited immediate removal.

Debunking Matt Cutts

The Google Toolbar doesn’t fuel Google’s index, nor is Google working hand in hand with the Central Intelligence Agency, even if Google did buy Keyhole, once backed by In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture capital arm.

Yahoo Saves Its Toolbar And Bookmarks

New beta versions of the Yahoo Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Yahoo Bookmarks have debuted with added features for their users.

Adobe Boxes Up Google Toolbar

A multi-year deal between the two companies will see Adobe offer the Google Toolbar as an option for people who download the Adobe Macromedia Shockwave Player.

Google Extends Firefox Some Love

The Google Toolbar for Firefox will soon emerge from its beta status; also, the company introduced a synchronization feature to make one’s browser settings available on multiple computers.

Google Likes To Tweak In Threes

Google announced a hat trick of small enhancements to previously existing services. Google Toolbar can now help you remember that long lost favorite website and Gmail can let you sass emailers in a number of different languages.

Google Toolbar Patent Lawsuit Going Forward

Yeah, I’m clearing out some old tabs, don’t complain.

Firefox Gets Personal With Google Toolbar

New features made available with version 2 of the Google Toolbar for Firefox provide users with the ability to easily integrate newly discovered feeds into the Google Personalized Homepage or other feed readers.

Google Releases New Firefox Toolbar

Google has released the second version of its Firefox toolbar. New features are:

Yahoo Builds Tools For Toolbar

Updates to the Yahoo Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox provides tabbed browsing to users of IE 5 and 6, and several improvements based on user feedback for the Firefox version.

Google Toolbar SMS May Log Your Text Messages

Devin Reams notices that Google’s Firefox Send To SMS extension reserves the right to log all of your text messages, and I’ve checked, and the same policy applies to a similar feature in Toolbar 4.

Google Toolbar: Uninstalled

I had to make a decision today, and I believe I made the right one. Since I installed the Google Toolbar version 4, IE7 has been wonky.

IE7 Bug Reports Start To Come In

The advantages of such a highly publicized beta: Lots of people noticing the quirks you might have missed in testing.

Easily Add Custom Search To Google Toolbar

Forget waiting for your favorite website to create a Google Toolbar button, Matt Cutts shows you how to make your own.

Google Toolbar 4 for SEO

Aaron posts a great rundown on Google Toolbar 4 for Internet Explorer and what it means for search engine optimization.

Google Upgrades Toolbar

Google just announced an upgrade to its search toolbar.

Google Toolbar Adds New Tools

Another beta version of Google’s Toolbar arrived on the company’s servers, just waiting for download and testing by its user base.

New Google Toolbar – Version 4

Google is about to release a new version of its toolbar.

Google Pack – A User Data Bonanza
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I noticed this morning a link on Google’s home page to Google Pack, a collection of “essentials to make your PC just work.”

Jux2 Adds MSN Results and Toolbar

I just noticed today that the meta engine Jux2 has added several new features.