The Changing Landscape of Twitter

The Changing Landscape of Twitter

By Frank Reed June 10, 2009

A study was released today, conducted by inbound marketing company HubSpot, which looked at 4.5 million Twitter users over a nine month period.

Internal AdWords Tool Raises Rumors About Rankings
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A post by French blog Zorgloob has raised a flurry of rumors about Google organic rankings being influenced by Google AdWords advertising.

Zorgloob posted screenshots from an internal Google tool that assigns scores and classifications to Google’s organic listings raising questions about the way the Google SERPs are determined.

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Google’s Internal Tool to Check Results?

French Google blog Zorgloob has what they say are screenshots from a Google employee showing a certain “GG Score" value in action.

Is Google’s YouTube Antipiracy Tool Enough?

Google has finally unveiled their copyright protection system for YouTube. The reactions have been mixed.

YouTube Finally Gains Anti-Piracy Tool

Google has faced a lengthy stream of complaints and a lawsuit from Viacom over the continued uploading of copyrighted videos by YouTube users. The debut of their long-awaited content ID tool could help its relationship with Hollywood.

ComScore Launches Search Analytics Tool

ComScore has released comScore Marketer, a new competitive search analytics tool aimed at search marketers and site operators.

Social Media Marketing and Fitting In

The last decade brought two related surprises: the rise of social media and the rise of search media, says a new study from the Harvard Business School. Marketing is struggling to find its place in these new communication pathways, says the report. 

TV Guide To Launch Video Search Tool

TV Guide will launch its Online Video Guide on Tuesday, a search service focused on Internet video that is related to television programs.

Google Tools Around With Print Ads
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The company unveiled a new tool to assist its AdWords advertisers in creating ads destined for the world of newsprint.

Google Maps Adds Line-Measuring Tool
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To me, camping means carrying a lot of stuff and sacrificing a decent shower.  Hiking, on the other hand, suggests a pleasant jaunt through the wilderness.  So a new distance-measuring tool from Google Maps is rather interesting – it should make sure that hikes don’t inadvertently turn into camping trips.

Washingtonpost.com Launches Tool For ’08 Election

The washingtonpost.com has launched the "Issue Coverage Tracker," a new application that compares the amount of press coverage between candidates and the major issues of the 2008 presidential race.

Call Genie Launches Mobile Search Tool

Call Genie, a provider of localized mobile search tools to carriers announced the availability of its newest release of its Enhanced Voice Directory tool.

Google Teaches Robots Tool About Sitemaps

The robots.txt analysis tool at Google Webmaster Central received some much-needed updating, and should be more effective for webmasters today.

Traveloctiy Tweaks Hotel Review Tool
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Travelocity has launched a new hotel review tool that provides users with more relevant results for their own personal tastes and interests.

Turning Content Into a Valuable Keyword List
One of the comments on the article I wrote for Wordtracker mentioned WordsFinder, which allows you to create a list of keywords from a piece of content. Their tool uses the Yahoo! Term Extraction Tool, and also provides a few additional keywords next to the results.

Three other easy ways to get similar information are

Avenue A | Razorfish Launches Link Crawler
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Interactive marketing and technology company Avenue A | Razorfish has launched Super-intelligent Link Crawler (SiLC), a tool that crawls Web sites to find errors such as broken links and "404 Error Messages" that inform users the Web page is not loading.