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Instagram a Feet Pic and Toms Will Donate a Pair of Shoes to a Child in Need

Somewhere between the bad food pic and the car selfie lies the bare feet pic, an Instagram post that very few people really care to see. But now, that foot selfie will actually do some good in the world. Toms, …

Holiday Gift Ideas That Give Back
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The holiday season is up and running, which means shiny gift giving after lots of retail shopping. But this year, choosing a gift can take on additional meaning and appreciation. Retailers like Threads and Warby Parker give customers the opportunity …

Avengers Shoes Will Kick Bad Guys’ Butts
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If you were a superhero like Captain America or Iron Man would you wear your own swag? Is it different if you are a superhero, or super douchey like if I wore a shirt with a picture of my face …