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Tom Brokaw Didn’t Say He Wanted Brian Williams Fired

Tom Brokaw is speaking out about a media rumor that claims he demanded NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams be fired. In fact, Brokaw–from whom Brian Williams took over the news anchor position back in 2004–said he hadn’t commented on the situation at all. The situation involves an untruth that Brian Williams says was forgetfulness rather than a lie. He …

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Tom Brokaw Received an Early Christmas Gift — News That His Cancer Is In Remission

Tom Brokaw has been given the news that his cancer is in remission and he couldn’t wait to let his NBC colleagues know. The 74-year-old former NBC Nightly News anchor sent a note to the employees of the network to inform them that his cancer had gone into remission. “A year ago my future was more uncertain than I cared …

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Tom Brokaw Grants Rare Interview To Letterman

Tom Brokaw gave a rare interview to David Letterman on Thursday’s show. The very private TV icon spoke about his health issues with Letterman and talked about how his treatments are going. “I’m very pleased with the progress, and that’s about as far as I want to go. There are a lot of other people out there … going through …

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Tom Brokaw: Newsman Reveals He Has Bone Cancer

Tom Brokaw released a statement via NBC News regarding his diagnosis. Brokaw, 74, was at the Mayo Clinic when he received the diagnosis for multiple myeloma last August. In his statement, the NBC news veteran of nearly 50 years reassures the public that his “prognosis is good.” Brokaw kept his bone cancer diagnosis a secret from the public for several …

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NBC takes Initiative to Buy Microsoft out of MSNBC

All the way back in 1996, a chance meeting between NBC News anchor, Tom Brokaw and Microsoft founder Bill Gates sparked the creation of a new way for viewers to get news. MSNBC.com was launched along with its cable television counterpart, the MSNBC network. The idea was for news coverage to be integrated between cable television and an online platform. …

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