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Toledo, Ohio Water Situation Is Critical

The Toledo, Ohio community has received a startling warning from state officials with regard to the local drinking water, which has been deemed unsafe for human consumption until further notice. The warning came early Saturday following a series of tests on Lake Erie. The testing revealed the presence of a toxic substance. It’s believed the toxin was caused by the …

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Toledo Gunman Taken Into Custody At School

A teenage boy was taken into police custody today after bringing a pellet gun to Scott High School in Toledo, Ohio. The gun appeared real to faculty and students, and the student locked himself in a classroom–alone–before authorities came to negotiate with him. It is not clear at this time why he brought the gun to school or what his …

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Toledo Sinkhole Opens In Road, Swallows Car And Driver

In the latest sinkhole story, a giant maw opened up in the middle of the road in Toledo, Ohio on Wednesday and swallowed a car and the woman who was driving it. Rescue crews had to lower a ladder down into the pit–which was some 20 feet deep, to save the woman, who was miraculously unharmed. Officials say a water …

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