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Blockbuster To Offer Movies On TiVo

Blockbuster said today it would start offering movies and TV shows over TiVo’s DVRs.

Users will have access to about 10,000 movies and TV shows that can be purchased or rented on TiVo Series 2, Series 3 or HD series device. Films on Blockbuster’s OnDemand service will be available for $2 to $4 for rental and purchased movies start at around $10.

Netflix Forms A Partnership with TiVo
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It looks like Netflix is about ready to get another big boost to its competitiveness in the quest for online video domination. The video service has announced a deal which will see it streaming content through TiVo.

YouTube Now On TiVo
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Starting today TiVo will offer its subscribers access to YouTube videos on their television sets through their broadband TiVo boxes.

TiVo’s deal with YouTube is the company’s first for streaming online content. TiVo does have partnerships with 60 online sites that offer content. Users will not be able to store YouTube videos, but they will be able to view them and bookmark them to watch later.

TiVo Adds Disney Content
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TiVo said today that its subscribers will soon be able to download Disney movies through their DVRs directly from their TVs.

Titles will be available to rent through an agreement with Disney and CinemaNow. The movies will be available for a 24-hour rental period in standard definition, some titles will also be available in high definition.

TiVo Wins Patent Dispute

Just off the wire, Dish Network has failed to convince an appeals court to overturn TiVo’s earlier patent win against the company. TiVo’s earlier win is upheld.

TiVo Comes Under Attack

Sparks fly over copyright at Tech Policy Summit | Lawgarithms | ZDNet.com Denise Howell has an informative write up on a copyright debate held last week at the Tech Policy Summit in Hollywood.

Participants in the debate included TiVo VP and general counsel Matt Zinn, Executive Director of the Copyright Alliance Patrick Ross, Fred von Lohman from the EFF and moderator Doug Lichtman of UCLA Law School.

Two things I found interesting in the article.

TiVo To Offer Online Video

TiVo has announced that its users will be able to select video from the Internet for playback on televisions through its digital video recording service.

The new feature, unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics Show, will allow subscribers to use "Season Pass" to record video content available on Real Simple Syndication, or RSS feeds. The online videos could range from broadcast nightly newscast to more specialty videos pulled from blogs or independent Internet sites.

DVR Owners Skip Most Ads
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One in four online consumers use a digital video recorder (DVR), according to survey from ABI Research.

TiVo Launches Search For Broadband Users

DVR innovator TiVo has announced a new Universal Swivel Search feature for its broadband users, which allows them to search broadband, cable, and broadcast programming.

TiVo and Home Movie Sharing

TiVo.com | TiVo Home Movie Sharing Today TiVo launched a cool new service called "Home Movies" in a joint venture with One True Media.

RSS on Your TV

As if there isn’t enough evidence of media convergence, Niall Kennedy reports that the latest high-definition TV’s from Sony will allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds.

DVD Burning For TV
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SnapStream has added a new option to their Beyond TV video recording software. It will allow users to create DVDs for their favorite television shows. Users will be able to use a burning plug-in to record their programs.

Certified Wireless USB – Mainstream by Year’s End

Despite a brash of delays that have plagued the progress of wireless USB, the 480 megabits per second technology should find its way into the mainstream by the end of the year.

TiVo Scores Court Win Over Echostar

The battle of digital video recording interests ended in a jury decision in favor of TiVo and its technology patent.

TiVo Teams Up With Verizon

Forget to set your TiVo before you left the house? Trump’s going to fire somebody and you’ll have to find out who from Ned Ryerson in Accounting tomorrow. Next time, just phone it in and avoid the two-legged sleeping pill.

Web Video Trends on Intranets

I had already been pondering the surge in popularity of online video when Steve Rubel wrote today about the “Big Bang” that occurred when Apple began selling TV series episodes and other video content through its iTunes store.

TiVo Jumps Into Search

The phrase “TiVo it” may have just expanded its meaning. Next year, a new advertising search function with digital video recorder (DVR) producer, TiVo, will debut allowing pizza-hungry couch potatoes to “TiVo” a pizza delivery service.

TiVo Shrinks To iPod Level

Video recording service, TiVo, Inc. announced an enhancement to its current TiVoToGo feature that will allow TiVo subscribers to easily transfer recorded television programming to Apple’s iPod or Sony PlayStationPortable devices.

Yahoo Your TiVo From Anywhere

Fans of the digital video recording service can now use Yahoo to remotely program their TiVo from a newly opened portal on Yahoo’s web site.

Customer Evangelists or Corporate Hacks?

The New York Times captured the whole new era of customer evangelism with blogs.

TiVo Goes Blogging

One of the most compelling technologies, digital video recording, finally gets a corporate voice; that voice belongs to one of its fans.

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