UFC Fighters Jon Jones And Daniel Cormier Brawl At Press Conference

UFC Fighters Jon Jones And Daniel Cormier Brawl At Press Conference

By Toni Matthews-El August 5, 2014

When two men are due to meet in a title fight, it’s not unusual for tensions to run high. This is to be expected, especially when the individuals do not like or respect each other. Even so, you do expect …

Google Seeks Edge In Voice Traffic Talks

As part of Google’s ongoing efforts to broaden its network, the company has been actively seeking strategic negotiators for submarine networks, and for IP transit services.

Keyword Placement in Title Tag Case Study

According to search ranking factors done by SEOmoz, your keyword in your title tag is the upmost importance, but the placement of that keyword in your title tag has been debated. Some believe that placing your branding first and then kewyords in your title tag causes little or no difference when optimizing a page in the SERPS. I am going to finally uncover this once and for all.

Ask Morphs Into Ask3D

If anyone was wondering why IAC put up a $100 million marketing budget behind Ask.com, the relaunch of the search engine as Ask3D should answer that question.

SMX: Danny Sullivan Strips For Matt Cutts

The Search Marketing Expo opened in Seattle with a Q&A session with Google’s Matt Cutts; it seems Matt came back from his vacation with mischief on his mind.

Webmaster – An Obsolete Concept?

One word that causes a great deal of problems is Webmaster. Perhaps many will disagree with me, but hear me out. I acknowledge that it will be difficult to bury the word. After all even the mighty Google helps to support the word through its immensely useful Google Webmaster Central. However I believe this word and the function that it implies can create a great deal of organizational dysfunction, particularly in big companies.

BuzzMetrics To Be Absorbed By NetRatings

Nielsen will go ahead and complete the acquisition of blog and word-of-mouth measurement firm BuzzMetrics, of which Nielsen already owned 58 percent, and blend it with NetRatings to make a new firm.

Memorable Search Visible Blog Posts


The user-friendliness of blogging software has made it easy for anyone who would like to communicate with the world to do so. That explains a large part of the millions and millions of blogs that now populate the blogosphere. Others who see the moneymaking potential of blogging by adding advertisements to their blogs add to the flood. Given this cacophony, how does anyone with a serious view to express ensure that it stands above the crowd?

Social Media Headline Formulas That Work

Although content is important when you are trying to leverage social media sites like Netscape or Digg, the story title used for the submission maybe as important if not more important. Here are a few types of titles that I have found to be effective.

1. Increase Your [Blank] within [short time period]

EFF Goes YouTube Ambulance Chasing
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If a YouTube user feels one of their videos was an unfair casualty of Viacom’s recent war on copyright infringement, the Electronic Frontier Foundation wants to know about it. The nonprofit organization has posted its call to the user-generated disenfranchised on their home YouTube turf.

Linkbaiting: Grab Them With The Title

If search engines are the next great marketing machines, then links are the fuel that drives the mechanism of search engine optimization and rankings. Obtaining quality inbound links might seem like a daunting task, but in actuality there is an effectively simple element to linkbaiting that is often taken for granted.

Yahoo Displays SERP Title Based On Anchor Text

The dichotomy of having a Yahoo directory listing has been known for years.

Google Pitching Kirkland To Engineers

For virtually everyone who dreams of working in the wonderful world of technology, Silicon Valley draws them like a mosquito to a bug zapper. Google would like some of those aspirants who dream of working for the search advertising giant to consider a landing point some 800 miles north of Mountain View.

Google Earth Adds Cool Stuff With Boring Title

Need a guided tour about what’s going on the world? Google announced the addition of Featured Content, a collection of multimedia overlays in Google Earth. The Featured Content offering informs users about the environment, culture, history, wildlife and attractions world locations.

RSS Feed Tips to Help SEO
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RSS feeds are a great communication medium, and when properly managed, web feeds can bring in significant Internet traffic.

The Difference a Title Makes

One of the most obvious things that almost every website has in common is a title. However, all titles were not created equal.

Technorati Stats, Just a Sign Post, Folks

For all the hype and hyperbole surrounding the latest Technorati stats, I think, to Jeremy Pepper’s point, a lot of marketers are sitting on the sidelines looking at things and asking, “how the hell does this really help us with our social media plans?”