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Winter Tires: Tips To Keep You Safe

Whether you want to admit it or not, winter is almost here and that means snow, ice and sleet in many parts of the country. As much as most of us would like to stay bundled up and inside on those cold wintery days, it just isn’t possible and travel is a daily necessity for most people. Winter can make …

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Michelin Tires: New All-Season Tire A Hit

Michelin has just released a new all-season tire that is giving the competition a ride for their money. The all-season tires are popular among vehicle owners because they are versatile, affordable and offer a comfortable ride. Since the tires are new, there are not a lot of customer reviews, but, which sales and tests tires, has offered their expert …

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Winter Tires Cause Health Problems, Swedish Medical Researchers Claim

At a time when Sweden will soon get hit with its usual seasonal winter weather, medical researchers are asking for a ban against winter tires. In the 1960s, these tires were first introduced to consumers in the United States. Metal studs inserted into the tire were made to enhance the friction on slippery roads, particularly those covered in snow or …

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