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Yahoo’s Conversion Tips
Yahoo’s Search marketing blog has 9 tips compiled by the team on how to improve conversion rates while also optimizing landing pages.

Best ways to optimize your landing pages:

SEO Tips From Matt Cutts
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It’s not often Google comes right out with highly specific SEO advice. But when it is there, people hang on every ort of minutia. Earlier this week, chief webspam fighter Matt Cutts had them dangling at the WordPress WordCamp as he connected some nuts and bolts.

Ethically Updating Wikipedia

An article was published today on Search Engine Land called "SEO Tips & Tactics From a Wikipedia Insider" and it has to be one of the most interesting and best written articles I have seen in a while.

Email Tips from 32,000 Feet
I’m writing this post flying back from Digital Hollywood in Santa Monica, and as TypePad lets you submit posts via email, we’ll see if this syncs up and goes live as soon as I’m back online.

It’s a fitting time to share a strategy I’m trying to get more organized while in-flight.

Five Tips for eBay Sellers

A Question and Answer session at eBay Live in Boston led by Bill Frischling, chief operating officer and co-founder of Dyscern, a brand name consumer electronics site, yield a few helpful hints for how sellers can build better relationships with their customers.

5 eBay Tips
5 eBay Tips
Headline Creation Quick Tips

Headlines are tricky – especially when writing for the Web. You want to be search engine friendly, but at the same time, you don’t want to readers (or potential readers) to skim over the headline like it’s part of a technical manual.

Google Has Online Tips For Offline Business

Three basic ideas for AdWords clients whose businesses are otherwise brick-and-mortar can help them determine just how well their campaigns are working.

Niche & Trend Tool List

There has been some useful posts of late that discuss the pracitical methods to get started at developing a new site or blog specifically for affiliate marketing. In particular Aaron Wall discusses practical tips for starting a new site and Dosh Dosh looks at choosing the right blog niche.

Hanging with SEOs, Penalized on Digg
It occurred me this week, after seeing my old rant against Digg still pulling in traffic to this blog, that I would be nice and just act normal for once. I’d write a humorous 10 Tips article on usability and see if it inspired any Diggs. Maybe this time I’d have a positive experience because I swear all my friends just rave about the place.

Making Your Blog Stickier

It’s been two weeks since we posted on improving your blog’s stickiness. Ready for the second dose?

Web Marketing the Old Fashioned Way

Lee Odden posted What’s Old Is New: Web Site Marketing Tips, and it’s a good read for Web marketers tired of chasing the latest social media trend. Some techniques date to the early years of the Web, but can still be effective if done right. Site announcements, surprisingly, can still generate traffic and links.

Improving Your Blog’s Stickiness
Blogs are a unique challenge for site stickiness. Even your most loyal readers may only spend one or two minutes skimming your home page and “bounce.” How sticky is your blog? Nate Whitehill offers seven tips to improve your blog’s stickiness. A couple of my favorites:

Link Building Tips
Oh we love the links and then some here at TopRank. Old school online marketer Larry Chase published a few more link building tips and resources in his most recent Web Digest for Marketers newsletter. I’ve added a few of my own comments:

The SEO Playbook (Welcome to the Rabbit Hole)

SEO is about more than meta tags, title tags, and targeted anchor text. Call it "competitive webmastering", "SEO", or any one of a slew of other titles – it is the thought process of lateral thinking and understanding of website creation and marketing combined that matters most.

Using Google AdWords & AdSense Distribution Data
Via Marketing Pilgrim, Google now offers a Placement Performance report, which shows what pages and sites your content ads are displayed on, and which ones are converting.

Here are tips Google offers on how to use this data:

10 Rarely Used Tips to Supercharge Your Blog

1. Always make sure the top post on your blog has unique content that is attractive to a first time visitor. Bloggers write a lot of different things, including personal rants, news, link lists and lots of content that directs visitors to other resources and sites. While this is great, it can have massive effects on new visitors who stumble onto your blog; after all, the first thing they get to look at is the top post. The main homepage of your blog will be the strongest page for rankings and branding, as well as offering the best opportunity to win new subscribers and visitors.

Apple Offers Video Blogging Tips

It appears Apple is listening to the blogosphere’s chatter that there’s really not many video podcasts that take advantage of the 720p capabilities of Apple TV. In response, Apple has emailed many video creators and suggest the following advice:

Video Tips from SES

I just read a very well-written video search tips list from Steve at GoogleWatch. Some of my favorites from his list for SEO and video:

SES: Podcast Optimization Tips

Yesterday I attended the Podcast Optimization session at SES in NY. Chris Sherman was moderating and speakers were Amanda Watlington, Daron Babin, and Rick Klau, all of which provided very engaging presentations. It was a great and informative seession, and here are some highlights from it:


About Google Website Optimizer

If you can measure it, you can improve it.  The promise of scientific advertising, marketing with measurable results, is now available to anyone.  Anyone can Increase conversion rates with the Google Website Optimizer.  Any website that has conversion as a goal will benefit tremendously by engaging in testing using this tool. 

Social Networking: Examining User Behavior
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Results from a recent iProspect study outline the specific behaviors of users visiting the most popular social networking sites. Among other items, the study finds that marketers should spend more time and resources investing in sites that operate within a relevant niche to their product than they have in the past.

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