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Facebook Tips New Members of Congress on How to Properly Run a Page

Facebook has just published their official guide for new members of the 113th Congress on how to set up and maintain a successful presence on the site. Earlier this year, the company urged current members of Congress to step up their game and work on fan engagement. Much of the advice, while specific to the actions of Congresspeople, could be …

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Here’s Some Tips On How To Best Localize Apps

Regardless of platform, the app store is a developer’s way of reaching millions of people around the world. Those people speak a variety of languages and as such desire an app that’s tailored specifically for them. Others have offered tips on localization before, but here’s some tips from an actual developer in the localization trenches. The Amazon Appstore Developers blog …

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Bing Integrates Foursquare Tips Into Social Sidebar

Back in May, Bing unveiled a pretty significant redesign of their search results pages. The new design, which launched in the U.S. on May 16th, features a three-column format. On the left, you have your traditional search results. In the middle you have “snapshot,” which features relevant information like maps and images. and on the right is Bing’s “social sidebar,” …

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LinkedIn Gives Tips For Successful Gossiping

When things are going well for a business, gossip can be a destructive force, damaging morale, creating cliques, and hampering productivity. In the worst of times, though, it’s best to have a network of informants to help stay on top of all the political maneuverings taking place off-the-record in the office. That’s why LinkedIn, the social network for professional networking, …

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Social Media Privacy Protection And You [Infographic]

With privacy becoming an incredibly popular buzz word, instead of focusing on a specific platform, perhaps we should focus on the user, too. Who’s responsible for making sure users understand the importance of privacy in a social media world? Is it Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, or do the users have some responsibility for keeping their profiles secure? Considering …

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Optimization Tips For AdSense Rolling Out To Publisher Accounts

Google just announced a new kind of optimization tips it will be rolling out for AdSense users. They’ll show publishers how to make changes to their AdSense for Content ad unit type or format setting right in the account. Google indicates that these tips wil help publishers earn more, so they’re probably worth paying attention to. “To generate these new …

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Facebook Single Sign-On Pro-Tips

Today, Facebook released a list of best practices for developers of iOS and Android apps that implement the Single Sign-On (SSO) features that Facebook debuted a year ago. Using SSO, developers are able to save their users time and frustration of logging in to their apps repeatedly. The developers also have access to the Graph API to build in-app social …

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