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Vimeo Kicks Off Pay-to-View Service With 6 New Films

Back in September, Vimeo launched their new Creator Services suite, a set of tools designed to help video creators make a little bit of money for their efforts. The first tool that was unveiled as a part of the suite was Tip Jar, which allows viewers to “tip” creators with a contribution ranging from $1 to $500. At that time, …

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Vimeo Launches Tip Jar, Paid Videos Coming Soon

For the most part, Vimeo provides an ad-free video viewing experience. One of their only sources of revenue comes in the form of selling pro services to both users and creators (Vimeo Plus and Vimeo PRO). In order to help video creators receive quick and easy funding for their content, Vimeo has just announced a new Creator Services platform. “Today, …

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Google Offers Money Saving Tips With Tip Jar

With the economy in a recession and people looking for more ways to save money, Google is offering help with a new money saving site called Tip Jar.

Google says the site is an experiment that it hopes will offer users the most effective ways to save money. Tip Jar is powered by Google Moderator, which itself began as an experiment for the Google App Engine.

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