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Waffle House Denies Waitress $1,000 Tip

Shaina Brown was overjoyed when a Good Samaritan left her a $1,000 tip while she was waitressing at Waffle House. However, that joy quickly turned to extreme frustration when her employer informed her that she could not keep the money. The 26-year-old single mother was working the night shift on Mother’s Day when she met a very generous man, who …

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Tip Receipt Hoax: Family Denies Leaving a Nasty Comment in the Tip Box for Gay Server

Remember the waitress in New Jersey that claimed she wasn’t given a tip because she is gay? It turns out that is a hoax. A couple that wishes to remain anonymous contacted NBC 4 New York and said the whole thing is a lie, plus they showed their receipt and credit card statement as proof that they did leave a …

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Lesbian Waitress Accused Of No Tip Hoax

Dayna Morales, an openly gay woman and former Marine, claims that she was not left a tip while she was waitressing at the Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater New Jersey, because she was a lesbian. Earlier this month, Morales posted a picture on Facebook (which has since been removed) showing the receipt from a couple she had served that night. …

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Oregon Bartender Gets $17,500 Tip

Springfield, Oregon bartender Aurora Kephart received an unexpected tip of $17,500 on Tuesday, via a winning lottery ticket. One of her regulars at Conway’s Restaurant and Lounge often uses Keno tickets from the Oregon lottery as tips. The unnamed customer asked Kephart to pick two – the first one won $5, and the second won the $17,500. Kephart, 25, said …

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Stacy Knutson Gets a $12,000 Tip and the Government Takes it Away

Stacey Knutson worked as a waitress at the Fryn’ Pan in Moorhead, Minnesota where she delivered service with a smile as she picked up filthy napkins, broken crayons, and dirty dishes. One day a wonderful thing happened to her. One of her female customers gave her a box that contained wads of money totaling $12,000. She did the right thing …

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Restaurant Calls 1% Tip Story a Hoax

A Newport Beach, CA banker recently prompted public outrage after apparently leaving a 1% tip for a waitress named Breanna, adding a small note to the check reading “get a real job.” But according to the True Food Kitchen, the restaurant where the tip and advice were given, the whole thing is a hoax. Apparently, a picture of the note …

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