All Posts Tagged Tag: ‘tinyurl’ Switch Part of Twitter’s Realtime Search Strategy

URL shorteners sprang into sudden essentialness with the advent of microblogging, and especially with the advent of Twitter. Until yesterday, TinyURL was the shortener of choice, boosted by Twitter’s default shortener setting.

Twitter’s sudden switch to competing URL shortener not only was a surprise to many, but the move could spell an unforeseen and swift death for TinyURL. So what gives? What makes one URL shortener different from another?

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The DiggBar Cometh

Remember in late February when a new Digg Toolbar was uncovered via an image on Flickr? It was said to be coming out to take on StumbleUpon and TinyURL (and similar services) at the same time.

Well now we get a closer look at that as Digg prepares to roll out the DiggBar. Kevin Rose posted about it at Digg the Blog today and included the following video, which shows just what it does.

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Digg to Take On StumbleUpon and TinyURL?

Twitterer Veronica Belmont had discovered a Flickr page with an alleged upcoming toolbar from Digg that would potentially rival StumbleUpon.

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