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Jenny McCarthy, Ryan Seacrest See Nude People on New Year’s Eve

Jenny McCarthy and Ryan Seacrest will once again host Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve tonight from Times Square in the tradition of the late, great Dick Clark. Seacrest will preside over the actual countdown to the ball drop in Times Square, while Jenny McCarthy will chat with people on the ground from all around the packed streets. Billboard magazine …

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Sonia Sotomayor to Lower NYC’s New Year’s Eve Ball

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor will have the honor of pushing the button that will lower the Times Square ball in the final countdown to 2014 in New York City on Tuesday. Sotomayor, who calls the Bronx home, will lead the million plus crowds that flock Times Square to ring in the new year by pushing the crystal button at …

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Town’s Giant Mushroom to be Dropped for New Year

Times Square in New York City has been home to the annual New Year’s Eve ball drop since 1907, 104 years total. (The ball did not drop in 1942-43 due to WWII blackouts.) Thousands of people from all over the world meet in Times Square every year to ring in the New Year in a seemingly odd celebration. Well, it’s …

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‘Cookie Monster’ Arrested For Pushing a Two-Year-Old

Cookie Monster is well-known to have an obsession (addiction?) to cookies, but it seems that the blue Sesame Street character can also become a bit belligerent when he doesn’t get paid. According to a New York Post report, a man dressed as Cookie Monster in Times Square assaulted a two-year-old boy this weekend. The man, named Osvaldo Quiroz-Lopez, is reported …

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Galaxy S IV Flash Mob Is Unleashed On Times Square

How does Samsung let us know that the Galaxy S IV will be unveiled tomorrow? Do they send out a press release? Or plaster ads all over Times Square? That’s all too easy and predictable. Samsung has instead employed the arts, in this case the art of dance, to get the world out. What do dancers have to do with …

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Super Mario Groper Arrested In New York’s Times Square

Street performers are just a part of daily life in Times Square. The performers dress in various costumes and put on a show for a few bucks. It may not be glorious, but hey, it’s a living. That being said, it’s really not cool to use your job as a street performer to start groping people, especially when you’re dressed …

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