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Your Attention, Please

John Hagel led an interesting session on Attention. (This was at a much higher level the Steve Gillmor’s Attention conversations.) The pitch:

Is CA Really Screwed This Time?

Computer Associates did it again – they have to restate earnings.

Microsoft Dominates Worst Tech List

PC World has put together a list of the 25 worst tech products of all time (“all time” defined as “the last twenty or so years”), and Microsoft products take a lot of spots on the list.

Time Warner, Others To Pay $23M Settlement

Accusations of fraud and improper accounting practices at AOL led to lawsuits against Time Warner in 2004 because of their effect on pension and investment funds in Pennsylvania.

Time Goes Blogging With Sphere

The Time.com website now features “Sphere It” buttons with articles, and visitors can click those buttons to see what bloggers are saying about those reports.

Time to Fix the Bugs?

Almost two years ago I wondered about the negative aspects of companies like IBM and HP trying to control Linux by hiring top Linux developers.

Body Snatchers Invade AOL

AOL subscribers continue to jump ship like seaborne lemmings as Time Warner reports the ISP lost over 3 million customers last year. A string of disappointing years totals to 8.1 million lost subscribers since 2002.

Microsoft adCenter Debuts In The US

All of Microsoft’s online properties will carry paid search traffic delivered by adCenter, which has been in testing in France and Singapore, and is now setting its sights directly on the United States.

Xbox 360 On a Crash Course With Gamers

It’s been five months since the Xbox 360 landed in short supply just in time Christmas. Many of those who scrambled to get their hands on one, paying thousands on eBay to ensure a Yuletide joy-in-the-box, probably never dreamed they’d be on their fourth console by May.

Google Has Time For AdWords

AdWords accounts have been set to Pacific Time since their debut, but an update will allow AdWords users to set their accounts to use local time instead.

Google Talk Themes

Ever since the new avatar/themed version of Google Talk came out, people have been creating themes for it, many of them pretty cool. Lets try to run them down.

Expect the Unexpected the Next Time You Buy

More evidence of changes in traditional marketing that will change consumer behaviours.

Time Warner Cable Thinking TV Ad Auction

Once Time Warner spins off its Cable division, the cable company may offer advertising spots placed within on-demand programming through an auction process.

Time Warner Cable Eyes Google-Style Ad Auction

This whole ad auction thing is taking off. Though Verizon denied that its Yellow Pages auction was inspired by Google or other search engines, Time Warner Cable had no qualms admitting AdSense as the inspiration for possible cable ad auctions.

Creating Tableless Sites – Why and Some Basics

In a time of web developers who just like to say that ‘Tables are Evil’ and can’t (or won’t) explain why, this article will attempt to give you some solid reasons that people create tableless designs.

Time To Get OneCare

Its April, and you know what that means.

EarthLink Saves Big Easy From BellSouth

EarthLink will continue to provide free wireless access in New Orleans by assuming management of the city’s WiFi network and investing some $15 million over three years to improve and build out that network.

Cisco CCNA Exam Tutorial: How To Spend Your Study Time
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To pass the CCNA exam, youve got to create a study plan. Part of that plan is scheduling your study time, and making that study time count.

Why Google Finance Makes Me Sad

I’ve had several folks ask me what I think of Google Finance. There’s already a fair amount of good commentary out there on the topic …

File Date Comparison

Sometimes you want to use the date of a file somewhere else. For this example, we’ll use the case where a file shouldn’t be overwritten if it was created or changed today.

Freecycle and On-Line Local Community Software
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On Friday, Jon Udell came to visit Yahoo and give a longer version of the presentation he delivered at this year’s ETech conference.