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Quality Activity Equals Quality Results

Failing to focus salespeoples activity reduces efficiency and consequently reduces results, because there is not a salesperson alive that believes they have enough time in their working week to complete all the activities they want to achieve!

Jail Time for Video Blogger

CNET has full details of the unfolding story of Josh Wolf, a video blogger who is prepard to go to prison instead of turning over some video footage he shot of a protest that turned violent.

When Was the Last Time You Saw the Googlebot?

The Google crew cleared up a bit about how the Googlebot caches webpages. The date at the cached page reflects the last time the page was modified.

Facebook Revolution! Users Harness Their Che

The Colonials had their Tea Party; the Boomers had Nam; Generation X, everything we could think of as long as we didn’t miss Seinfeld; Generation Why, because Facebook sent a news feed to spy on them.

Creating Supply Chain Value w/ Cycle Time & Inventory Yield

A supply chain is not a series of links forged together for a common purpose. That is a nice image. However it minimizes the reality of the chain and how each link in that chain must design its own logistics process to function within the chain.

Vista Enters Crunch Time

Todd Bishop writes about a podcast done by Sven Hallauer, director of release management for Windows Vista.

10x 2.0

The traditional venture capital invests disruptive technologies that provide a 10 fold improvement and generate 10x return.

It’s Time To Add Video To Your Content Strategy

The adoption of online video reflects several trends. Keep your eyes on the rapid growth of online video, says the Sun-Sentinel.

Mac OS X: Time Machine

Apple has added something they are calling Time Machine to the upcoming “Leopard” release of OS X.

Getting Ready for the Google Dance

The Google Dance is getting started and I’m leaving in a few minutes. According to Google, here’s what to expect:

Astroturfing: Time to walk the talk

Last month’s anti-astroturfing initiative by Australian PR bloggers Trevor Cook and Paull Young got off to a good start with plenty of commentary in support of the idea.

BlogHer and Conference Marketing

Back from two phenomenal days at BlogHer, and now starting to digest some of the things that I’d noticed over the weekend.

Toggl – Another Online Timetracker

Time tracking seems to be hot right now. As of several months ago (or so), I didn’t know of any legit standalone web based time trackers.

Marketing to Women: Don’t Waste Our Time

As a woman, there are many ways to keep me from doing business with you. One is to send me email spam; like most people, I don’t like that. Another way is to send teenagers to knock on my door to sell your product; if I don’t recognize the person knocking, I won’t answer. These are typical annoyances for most people, however, the #1 way to keep me from doing business with you may not be.

The Ajaxifiation of Yahoo

Jeffrey Veen, echoing what Mike Arrington said (“Millions of people may have their first interaction with Ajax in the coming days.”), asked Is Ajax ready for prime time?

Time Compares Apples To Goodmail

If a fish salesman’s brother tells you his brother’s fish is the best in town, do you take his word for it? Or would you think it, um, fishy? So when AOL’s brother releases a report that use of Goodmail’s Certified Email resulted in a 30% increase in response, shouldn’t we subject it to the same scrutiny?

Lean SCM – More Essentials

Being able to understanding and identify waste then requires removing that waste. The initial question then is where and how to begin implementing lean supply chain management.

Key Measures of Success for System Implementation Project Management

In all the years of managing projects from Sales Force Automation, Customer Relationship Management, Help Desk, Sales Quotation and Lead Tracking systems, and ERP Software, I have learned some key factors which, if always kept in check and balance, will lead you to project success.

Harvest and 14 Dayz – Web Based Time Trackers

I’ve been using Harvest the last several weeks to keep better track of my time.

Set Your Time Zone in Adwords by July 30

You have until July 30 to set your time zone in your Google AdWords account. You should definitely take advantage of this option if you are using their new Day Parting tool.

Time Warner Pimping Out AOL Europe?

AOL is the talk of Speculation Town across the Atlantic as buzz circulates that Time Warner is looking to unload its European arms to the highest bidder. British newspapers are reporting that Citigroup, acting on behalf of Time Warner, is in negotiations with possible suitors.