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GOOG Tops $500

Google stock closed above $500 for the first time ever, a new record that puts it at a market capitalization of $150 billion.

MSN Serving Coffee

Thank god for Microsoft

It’s Zune Time

It’s Zune day. Despite my being harsh, two Zunes arrived tonight for me to play with.

Making the Most Out of Your Spike In Traffic

Recently I asked if your business was ready for sudden attention. I wanted to follow up on that post with some thoughts about what you should do when you get a new influx of traffic. It’s not enough to do business as usual is you want to retain your new visitors. You need to improve to meet the new challenge.

The Most Popular Blog Posts Of All Time

Popular Blog Posts: Philipp Lenssen over at Google Blogoscoped recently wrote me asking for my most popular blog post. In my case it was the story I published about a year ago regarding my hellish consumer run in with PriceRitePhoto when trying to buy my Canon 5D.

Nick Douglas Gone From Valleywag

Et tu, Nick Denton? It appears that young Nick Douglas, the brash young gossip-monger behind Valleywag, has left the building.

TIME Magazine Names YouTube Invention of the Year

TIME Magazine has listed their best inventions for 2006 and YouTube has been named Invention of the Year:

Get Your Stuff In To Yahoo! Time Capsule

Got some time on your hands? – You might want to participate in the Yahoo! Time Capsule…

Overcoming Voicemail ….The Salesperson’s Enemy

You’ve all been in the position where you’ve left multiple voicemails only to have them not be returned. Frequently the prospect can begin to hear the frustration in your voice as they hit the delete bottom.

Yahoo! Time Capsule Detours To New Mexico
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When the cops bust in, it’s time for a new place to party. College lessons weren’t lost on Yahoo! when the Mexican government put the kibosh on its alien news feed, codenamed Yahoo! Time Capsule. What’s almost as good as Mexico? How about New Mexico?

The Traditional IT Attitude: Dumping it

E-Week has two very penetrating and insightful articles on IT and the roles that it plays in business. These articles support the idea that IT needs to become more business savvy, and business needs to become more IT savvy to make it in the market place.

GOOG Shares Set All Time High

Google stock hit an all-time high at 1:30 p.m. today, the second day after Google reported that it nearly doubled revenue over a year ago. Just after lunch, GOOG went as high as $483.13. Analysts predict this is just the beginning.

Time Warner To AOL: See Ya?

AOL may be ready to be sold or otherwise separated from the Time Warner corporate apparatus, and one potential purchaser springs to mind immediately (Hi Google.)

Google, YouTube Face Potential Opposition

Dick Parsons, Time Warner CEO & Chairman, revealed in a British newspaper that the company will continue to pursue copyright infringement complaints against YouTube. This is the first potential pitfall for Google, who acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion on Monday.

Yahoo Time Capsule Banned From Mexico

Instead of beaming its digitized time capsule into space from the Pyramid of the Sun, Yahoo will have to settle for burying it in the ground like everyone else does.

Yahoos Time Capsule

Yahoo is asking users to submit photos, writings, videos, audio, anything they want to contribute to an electronic anthropology project: An internet-based time capsule to show off 2006 to future generations.

Yahoo To Pester Aliens With Earth News

You gotta hand it to Yahoo. When they do a publicity stunt, they do it right. The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company plans to beam a digitized time capsule into space from an ancient Mexican pyramid.

Wasting More Time with YouTube

As everyone knew, YouTube was way, way ahead in users and uploaded content. I did some quick checking, on queries like “athens” and “mcdonalds” and found that there were typically between 4X and 12X as many videos uploaded to YouTube as to Google Video. This stuff isn’t going away.

SlideShare: the YouTube of Powerpoint

SlideShare launches today — the YouTube of Powerpoint. While Powerpoint destroys thought, so does TV. And misgivings aside, slides can be an art form in and of itself.

My Time with SEOMoz

I had a great time consulting with Rand and Gillian of SEOMoz.

The Link Between Your ISP and Web Success

As a Web business owner, you probably realize the importance of your site’s design and presentation. Your Internet business will not flourish all by itself. It takes hard work and dedication to build a great website.