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Google Maps to Mash-up Companies

Man, talk about a kick in the groin. Over the past few months, Google has been happily providing a Google Maps API to any developer that asked, and encouraging them to create mash-ups (ie. add their own useful content) of the mapping search technology.

SES NY 2007 Party Time
Joe Morin tells us the official 2007 SES NYC Party & Events Schedule is up over at the Search Engine Watch forums. 

After conference events are a great place to network with other like minded search marketers as well as potential clients if you’re on the agency side of things.

AOL Needs To Shine Its Shoes
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This article will be part tutorial, part sweating the small stuff. The tutorial is much, much shorter and more basic than the rest, so we’ll get to it first. AOL needs to hear it.

Another SEO Challenge, This Time for Godin

If you don’t know who Seth Godin is, you probably don’t read a lot of marketing blogs or marketing books. He’s authored about a dozen, including my personal favorite entitled “All Marketers Are Liars.” He’s spoken at Google and his blog was recently listed as the number 1 marketing blog in the world.

Ok, enough with his bio; one of his recent posts greatly disappointed me, because he apparently doesn’t understand SEO. After looking deeply at his blog, I was horrified to discover some major downfalls. So I’m going to make some claims, show some evidence and put forth a logical case against his view point and I’m even going to slam his article on SEO as naïve, ill-contrived and most importantly, encouraging of a very expensive mistake for business owners. I’ve got nothing personally against him, but when someone that public publishes something so ignorant concerning a large part of my profession, it warrants a strong response.

SEO – Working for Clients or Yourself?

Early last week Brian Provost of Scoreboard Media Group posted The First Question You Should Ask Your SEO Consultant. That question according to Brian is “If you can rank a site in lucrative markets, why would you do it for clients instead of for yourself?” It’s an interesting question and one deserving discussion.

Tasty Chowdah: Google Moving Into Boston
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Job listings for the Boston area and a reputed search for suitable facilities in the city add up to a forthcoming Beantown presence for the search advertising company.

SEO (Publish or Perish?)

Rand Fishkin recently put up a post titled: Wasting Time or Clearly Incompetent – The SEO Consulting Debate. In it Rand refers to a post by Brian Provost at ScoreBoard Media Group titled: The First Question You Should Ask Your SEO Consultant. Brian has since published an update titled: Attack of the SEOmoz Clones: More Thoughts On SEO Consulting.

Business Rules & the Rational Process

Periodically I get asked about bringing business rules into the Rational Unified Process or RUP. RUP and the Enterprise Unified Process are designed to apply UML and best practices in a formal way.

Google Sneaks Embedded Text Link Ads Into PPA
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What’s been called an assault on click-fraud, or affiliate networks, or both, could also carry with it a little controversy. Google’s recent beta launch of pay-per-action AdSense, available only to US advertisers, was released overtop another new product: the text link format ad unit.

WOMMA Blows It On Disclosure Issue
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The Word of Mouth Marketing Association takes aim at the blogosphere’s favorite target, PayPerPost, but Andy Beard found some reasons to be concerned about their choices of disclosure exemplars.

A Long Time Ago, In a Wiki Far, Far Away

The Star Wars Saga carries arguably the largest fan base of any one particular work of fiction. Fanboys and uber-geeks have made the Internet their platform to engage in endless debates surrounding topics such as the exact specifications of the X-Wing Starfighter to whether or not the destruction of the first Death Star was an inside job.

Managing Your Online Marketing Strategy Time

The most valuable thing that you have when you’re marketing online is your time. Every second that passes means money that you have either made, or let go by. When it comes to marketing on the internet, no matter how good your product is, and how spectacularly you present it, if it isn’t seen by anyone, it will all be for naught. Therefore, everybody who intends to achieve success online must therefore become somewhat of an online marketing expert.

When is the Best Time for Blogging?

Having co-workers that do public relations, they seem to have timing down. They know when to put out press releases for the most coverage, when the best time to call people is and what time is optimal to send out an email campaign to get the most responses. So that got me wondering, when is the best time to blog?

Gord Interviews Matt Cutts

I had the chance to interview Matt Cutts this week about personalization and it’s impact on the SEO industry. Excerpts from the interview and some additional commentary are in my Just Behave column on Search Engine Land today. As promised, here is the full transcript of the interview:

CEO Says SEO A Waste Of Time
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Is search engine optimization a waste of time? According to one man in the UK it is.

Anthony Fallon, CEO of Warrington Web Works, a UK Web Publishing company says that search engine optimization is both a waste of time and money to businesses and he can support his argument with proof.

Solving the Work Overload Time Problem

Work overload, and the accompanying stress of not having enough hours in the day, is a major problem for many business owners and managers. Not only is the issue of feeling snowed under by too much work an issue for entrepreneurs and exectives, it’s getting worse. Some business people are left to dream of adding magical hours to their clocks as a last resort.

Time To Play

On the whole, Google’s search properties are doing well – a recent analysis showed a 24% year-over-year improvement. There’s a lot of variation among those properties, however. Google Video was the clear winner, with a gain of 545%, but Froogle, Google Alerts, and Google Local all suffered losses.

Micro-Business Execs Spend More Time Online

JupiterResearch, a firm that provides information on the impact of the Internet and consumer technologies on business, has found that executives operating very small businesses or micro-business executives are unique when it comes to their online behavior when compared to other online users and business executives.

IBM Seeks PC Time For World Community Grid

A little CPU could go a long way toward making inroads on several medical research fronts, including cancer, muscular dystrophy, and AIDS, and IBM promotes its World Community Grid to help with that.

Social Media Headline Formulas That Work

Although content is important when you are trying to leverage social media sites like Netscape or Digg, the story title used for the submission maybe as important if not more important. Here are a few types of titles that I have found to be effective.

1. Increase Your [Blank] within [short time period]

Search for Metrics to Compare Sites

Steve Rubel wrote:

"The page view is on life support. It fails to capture all of the myriad of ways consumers engage in online activities without ever leaving a web page. To get a feel for this, spend some time playing with Yourminis. So what will replace it and when will that happen? Let’s handicap the field." On his blog What Will Replace the Almighty Page View and he thinks it will be events or time spent.

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