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Time Inc. Becoming More Social

Time Inc. says it has plans to add social networking to its Web sites that have off line magazines in the next six months.

Time To Unify Web Metrics?

There are lots of ways to measure the popularity of a social networking site. The general shift seems to be toward measuring engagement – how long users spend at a site and how often they show up. Even then, you’ll often see the same names pop up that you would have if page views and/or unique visitors were measured alone.

Backdating Nofollow On Specific Domains

There are times when you might want to retro-actively add nofollow to links you have given freely in the past. As an example some time ago I started using the nofollow Wikipedia plugin.

Americans Spend Less Time On Social Networks
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I’ll admit it: I’m not the most social person you’ll ever meet.  In fact, it seems like a lot of Americans aren’t all that social, compared, at least, to people from South Korea, Brazil, China, and Mexico.  This is one of the findings of a new Ipsos Insight study.

SMX: Pumping up Paid Search

Moderated by Jeffrey K. Rohrs, VP, Agency & Search Marketing, ExactTarget

Internet And TV Get Equal Time From Users

Internet users spend as much time online as they spend watching TV, according to a new report from JupiterResearch, "Media Consumption Patters: Online Vies with TV As Primary Medium."

Cost Adds Up For Unused Wi-Fi Time

More than half of Wi-Fi hotspot users around the globe are wasting their money according to Trustive’s "WLAN Roaming Research 2007" report.

Cost Adds Up For Unused Wi-Fi Time
“Cost Adds Up For Unused Wi-Fi Time”
Cost Adds Up For Unused Wi-Fi Time
Google Gains In Search, Yahoo Slips

Google sites captured 49.7 percent of the U.S. search market for the month of April, gaining 1.4 share points from the previous month according to comScore.

Dude, Dell’s Getting Sued
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Poor customer service and deceptive advertising by Dell have led New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to sue the computer maker.

Broadband Users Spend Spare Time Online
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Broadband users spend close to half of their spare time online during a normal weekday according to Media-Screen’s "Netpop|Play" report.

The study found that the average broadband user spent an hour and 40 minutes of their weekday spare time online. More than half of that time online was focused on entertainment and communication.

 The study also revealed a range of users spare time activities and found that email and personal Web surfing were more popular than TV viewing.

Mozilla Take’s its Time Getting Mobile

APC Mag has an interview with Mozilla Foundation CEO Mitchell Baker, and he basically said that Mozilla is looking into ways to serve the mobile section of the web browsing market, but plans to drag their feet a little longer. Microsoft has been producing an underpowered mobile browser for years now, but Mozilla has had an abandoned red-headed stepchild of a mobile browser, and Baker basically admits that isn’t going to change just yet.

Rock Em Sock Em: MSN Versus Google
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We know you’ve been waiting minutes, hours, and even days for the release of the Rock Em Sock Em Robot’s Fight from the SES conference. You can all rest better now because the much-anticipated rumble is up and ready for your enjoyment. Only WebProNews was there to bring you exclusive coverage of this event to find out which search engine is truly best.

Google Protects What’s Left Of Your Privacy
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There has been plenty of discussion lately on Google and their privacy policy. In a recent blog post Matt Cutts expressed his personal opinion on the issue.

Webmaster Settles With IA, Goes After Teenager
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One of the most bizarre Internet stories this year gets more bizarre. Internet Archive and Suzanne Shell have resolved their lawsuits against each other "amicably," a word that follows words like "theft" and "racketeering" about as well as toothpaste follows orange juice. Next on her list: a 15-year-old Canadian jokester. 

Google Apps Not Ready For Prime Time

Judging by one domain administrator’s experience with Google Apps and email, Google’s claims that it is not competing with Microsoft for the productivity space has a ring of truth.

Bell Deja Vu: Is It Time To Break Up Google?

Since Google’s surprise (and staggering) acquisition of DoubleClick, the most unlikely of trustbusters (Microsoft and AT&T) have emerged. Though their complaints may seem opportunistic and hypocritical, they may be on the money with the level of control the deal gives Google. Smaller entities are chiming in as well, suggesting it may be time to do with Google what was done with the baby bells.

FON Sharing Wi-Fi With Time Warner

A deal between Time Warner Cable (TWC) and FON will allow TWC customers to share Wi-Fi connections with other FON users.

Measuring Time Spent

Andy Beal and Bryan Eisenberg are both asking good questions about the new "time spent" metrics that Neilsen/Netratings is introducing. Andy wants to know how time spent is calculated (good question) while Bryan assumes that it is time spent in the browser and asks more good questions. Are we missing the boat on metrics here?

Full Text vs. Partial Text Feeds

Ahh, the arguing over whether to do full text or partial text feeds continues. This time with Feedburner saying they aren’t seeing a click-through difference.

Personally I hate partial text feeds. I’ve subscribed to a few of them, particularly ZDNet’s bloggers, but I notice I read a lot fewer of their items than I read items from, say, TechCrunch or Mashable, who offer full text feeds. And I link to them a LOT less.

Yahoo Checks Out PayPal For Payments
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Yahoo and eBay announced the Yahoo PayPal Checkout Program, which users of Yahoo Search will encounter as little blue shopping cart icons in the search results.

TV Web Sites Heat Up During Prime Time

Television viewers are increasingly turning to TV Web sites during prime time, weekdays 8pm-11pm and are spending more time there, according to the latest research from Nielsen//NetRatings.