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Waterfront Media Gets $25 Million In Funding

Waterfront Media sounds big, and it is – properties like EverydayHealth.com receive millions of visits per month.  Waterfront Media is also big in a financial sense, and a new round of funding brought it $25 million more.

Cerf To Surf Out, IDNs To Surf In
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"The Architect," you might call him, or "The Father of the Internet," or more recently, as Google has titled him, "Chief Internet Evangelist," Vinton Cerf will perform one of his last official functions as Board Chair of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) next month.

MySpace And Facebook Visitors Drive Time Spent
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U.S. Internet users between the ages of 12-17 who visit both MySpace and Facebook spend more time at each site than those who visit just one or the other according to Nielsen//NetRatings.

Baidu Begins Running Online Video Ads

Remember those Little League games in which one team would completely crush the other?  Scores of 16-1, or 20-2, are starting to remind me of the gap between Baidu and Google in China.  And with the launch of new online video ads, Baidu looks ready to further trounce its opponent.

Does Facebook Really ‘Cost Businesses Dear’?

I don’t have a Facebook account. At least, not yet, as I have mentioned in another blog post I shared over here not so long ago. But from that to say "[...] sites such as Facebook could be costing firms over £130m a day" is a bit of an over-reaction.

Yahoo Leads Google, Microsoft In Time Per Person
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Google does well in just about every comparison, and the newest data from Nielsen//NetRatings doesn’t contradict that trend.  Microsoft and Yahoo also performed admirably, however, and in some ways, beat the boys from Mountain View.

Google Gets Smart Clock

When sitting at your computer, you can probably check the time by glancing at your taskbar, your watch, or your cell phone; gaining one more option won’t exactly be a revolutionary experience.  This option’s provided by Google, however, and the feature can determine the time in many different places.

Google Reader search it’s about time

Finally. Google has decided to add search functions to my favourite RSS reader, Google Reader. Until now, the inability to search through my 400 or so feeds was a gaping hole in the usability of Google’s RSS reader — but not enough of a hole to get me to switch.

DailyKos Receives FEC Media Exemption

The prominent liberal bias of the DailyKos site has long infuriated conservatives, but the Federal Election Commission said those opinions don’t violate election laws.

Google Says It’s Time To Turn Japanese
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Phone and cable companies are losing the Net Neutrality debate, and losing it badly. And Google’s Washington Telecom and Media Counsel Richard Whitt doesn’t mind pointing that out.

It’s Time to Take Blogs Seriously

While blogs are becoming more and more popular, there’s still a lot to be desired, according to reports from MediaPost and eMarketer today. While many people have heard of and even read blogs, there’s still a lot of room to grow in the blog advertising and business blogging arenas.

Google Phone Spotted, Bigfoot Was Using It
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The so-called Gphone is joining the ranks of myth the ever-looming Google operating system inhabits, alongside Bigfoot, Atlantis, and nude Jessica Alba. Nevertheless, as an Indian news source reports, the illusive Gphone is merely "fortnight" away from launch worldwide.

User Generated Content Goes Prime Time

The CW – the other network you probably don’t watch – is giving us a new reason to check them out this fall. Not that it’s original, just that it’s primetime and that means something, right?

Google Seeks Court Time With Stewart, Colbert

Depositions from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, hosts on two of Viacom’s hottest shows, could be part of the legal proceedings between Google and Viacom.

Users Spend Half Their Time Visiting Content
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Internet users are spending almost half their time online visiting content, a 37 percent increase in share of time from four years ago, according to the Online Publishers Association (OPA).

EFF Reminds AT&T What It Said The First Time

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has sent a reminder to AT&T (and the rest of us) that at one time the company resisted government pressure to spy on US citizens, and even publicized it.

Perfect 10 Tries Again, This Time With MSN

Google CEO Eric Schmidt once said that lawsuits were just part of doing business today. According to Perfect 10 Magazine, lawsuits are the only things that will save them, and have added Microsoft as the most recent defendant.

Bubble Popping Time For Online Ads

Ad revenue dropped for every major Internet player but Google in the second quarter of this year.

Whispers of the last dot-com crash have begun to surface again.

Time Inc. Becoming More Social

Time Inc. says it has plans to add social networking to its Web sites that have off line magazines in the next six months.

Time To Unify Web Metrics?

There are lots of ways to measure the popularity of a social networking site. The general shift seems to be toward measuring engagement – how long users spend at a site and how often they show up. Even then, you’ll often see the same names pop up that you would have if page views and/or unique visitors were measured alone.

Backdating Nofollow On Specific Domains

There are times when you might want to retro-actively add nofollow to links you have given freely in the past. As an example some time ago I started using the nofollow Wikipedia plugin.