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Time Buys Personal Shopping Engine StyleFeeder
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Time Inc. said today it has purchased personal shopping engine StyleFeeder in an effort to expand its ecommerce presence.

StyleFeeder will become part of Time’s InStyle family of brands and its ecommerce technology will power shopping on InStyle.com. Financial details of the acquisition were not released.

Is This the Answer for Online News Revenue?

Leading publishers are getting together for what is widely being considered something of a "Hulu for magazines." Publishers involved include Conde Nast, Hearst, Meredith, News Corporation and Time Inc.

Did Twitter Cost Brüno Millions?
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Early Friday morning it looked like Sacha Baron Cohen had done it again with his new film Brüno. With post-midnight ticket sales in the neighborhood of $1.6 million some Hollywood insiders were predicting around $50 million for the opening weekend.

Bruno Poster

Ad Networks Continue To Grow In Popularity

Buying ads on ad networks is standard practice these days. In fact, according to an article from AdAge, 65% of ad buys will pass through ad networks in 2009. Even in toughtime-inc-logo times like these that’s a lot of money.

Publishers Collaborate on New Microsoft Advertising Offering
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Today Microsoft announced the creation of the Publisher Leadership Council, a group of Web publishers who will consult on the development of Microsoft PubCenter, its next-generation advertising platform for digital media publishers.

Time to Install Service Packs!

I just spent the entire day distracted by Windows Vista Service Pack 1, namely not getting any real work done while my computer was busy installing it. You should install SP1, too, just be aware of the time it might take.

Shoppers Spending More Time Researching Online

Online shoppers researched product information 11 percent and 27 percent more on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday respectively than they did on Cyber Monday, according to research from WebCollage.

The Great Social Retailing Invention

Social networking is so popular online that it’s spilling into the physical world – at actual stores. Called social retailing, the concept debuted at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) show last January 2007. Recently, the concept, by IconNicholson was selected by Time Magazine as One of the Best Inventions of 2007.

Google Chart API Released

Google released a chart generator service they are calling the Google Chart API. Usage is quite straightforward: you link to an image in the form of a parameterized URL, e.g. (line break added)

Guess What: People Run Wikipedia

It’s been awhile since we had any Wikipedia controversy, so maybe it’s about time for a pile-on — you know, something about how Jimmy Wales doesn’t care about quality, or how he runs the “open source” encyclopedia as his own personal fiefdom, or how people run around using strange technical terms that no one outside the Wikipedia cabal can understand (okay, that last one is totally true).

This time it’s the revelation of a top-secret… wait for it… mailing list only for insiders! According to a breathless piece in The Register:

Positive Face Time Equals Good Branding

The more I dig, the more I’m convinced that a big part of a brand’s success is the quality of its customer touch points, specifically, the face to face ones. Consider this overwhelming evidence:

The more emotion there is in an experience, the more vividly we remember it. It’s known as imprinting. So if we have very positive or very negative experiences, we remember them longer and more completely.

Bonnie Brown On Massaging Google Geeks
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Bonnie Brown was working as massage therapist at Google from 1999 to 2004. Before that, she ran a private school for 10 years. Now, Bonnie is traveling and also wrote a book called Giigle: How I Got Lucky Massaging Google. I met up with her on Google Talk (the transcript below has spellchecking and punctuation added).

It’s Time To Fan Facebook’s Potential

Facebook Fan pages present another way to promote one’s website and benefit from their presence in search engines.

Microsoft JPEG XR Approved As New Image Standard

Joint Photographic Experts Group, which owns the JPEG standard, has voted to make Microsoft’s HD Photo their new standard, under the name JPEG XR.

Old Media, Time To Find The Missing Link
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There is an inherent competitiveness within the media industry, and any given entity goes about its business as though parallel organizations don’t exist – and throwing the competition a hyperlink is tantamount to endorsement. After all, if you sell shoes, you wouldn’t willingly direct customers to another shoe store, would you?

Casual Gaming: An Untapped Market

At the first of the year, I wondered if 2007 or 2008 would be the year of the online game.

2007 is nearly gone, and not a peep out of anybody except the Casual Games Association, which says 150 million people play free, casual games online, outpacing game consoles, first-person shooter games, and massively multiplayer games.

Casual Games Association
Google AdWords Number/Date Formatting Feature

Google AdWords seems to be rolling out some useful features recently, last week it was the snapshot date range comparison and today’s is the option to change number, date and time formatting.

YouTube, Others Succeed In Singapore
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Stories about growth in Asia tend to involve China – it’s hard to ignore 1.3 billion potential users.  But there are other countries in the region, and in one of them – Singapore – Hitwise’s Sandra Hanchard has recorded some impressive growth.

Google Page Rank’s Been Dead for Quite Some Time

I don’t get bloggers sometimes. They get all huffy about their Page Rank going down as if it’s something that they are entitled to.

Now, normally I’d be front and center on all these ego games but here the real truth is that Page Rank has been dead for years. That’s why I never even looked at it anymore.

Google Trends Reveals What Unites Manchester
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In celebration of Reuters’ discovery of Google Trends, we thought we’d revisit for an update. Like last year (when Google Trends was launched) Birmingham, England still has the world’s largest concentration of porn searches.

Google Still Tops In Search

comScore today released it s monthly qSearch analysis of the search marketplace.

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