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Average Person Spends 13 Hours a Week Online

Harris Interactive has released the findings of its latest poll on Internet users. This doesn’t come as much of a shock, but people are spending more time online these days.

According to the poll, adult Internet users are spending an average of 13 hours a week online." Of course, people’s usage varies greatly; one in five (20%) of adult Internet users are online for only two hours or less a week while one in seven (14%) are spending 24 or more hours a week online," says Harris.

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Teens Only Spend 11.5 Hours Online Per Week

Who knew? A study by OTX finds that on average teens (aged 13-17) spend 11.5 hours online a week (yep, not a day . . . no comment on how many hours I spend online a day. . . .). Nearly a quarter of teens spend over 15 hours online per week, while 45% spent eight hours or less online.

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The Top Time-Suckers On The Web

The pageview’s not dead, just weaker. There will be certain types of sites where those numbers matter – especially textual sites. But increasingly, as video and interactivity thrive, it is time spent per user rather than pages viewed that gets the attention of marketers. This is more of a TV model than a billboard one.

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