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Tila Tequila Says Her Baby Saved Her Life

Tila Tequila shocked her fans when she announced, via Facebook, that she was pregnant earlier this month. While most didn’t see Tila as the kind to settle down, considering her former wild ways, Tila says that this baby has changed her life forever, saving her in ways that she never thought were possible. Since the death of her fiancé in …

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Tila Tequila Announces She Is Pregnant

Exciting news for Shot of Love star Tila Tequila! Tila, whose real name is Tila Nguyen, announced that she is pregnant, via Facebook, on Friday, April 18. She posted a photo of her growing baby bump, wearing a pair of pink plaid shorts and a white bra, and captioned the photo by saying, “Surprise!! I’m 10 weeks pregnant! I just …

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Tila Tequila Calls Hitler a “Sweet Kid” and says Paul Walker was Murdered

When will people get that it is never a good idea to wear Nazi stuff, unless you’re doing so for a part in a play or movie? Apparently Tila Tequila, who used to have her own reality show on MTV, thought that not only would it be a good idea to post a picture of herself wearing Nazi gear on …

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Tila Tequila: “Hitler Was A Good Man”, History Lies

Take what you will from Tila Tequila – a former car model, MySpace celebrity, and reality TV show host. She’s made a video and blog post exposing the Illuminati, the secret organization that (supposedly) controls the world. Both Larry King and Alex Jones denied her an interview; Facebook has suspended her account; and she’s not on Twitter anymore. Is it …

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