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AT&T Joins Verizon In Charging You More For Shared Data Plans

Verizon caught a lot of heat from consumers when they launched the Share Everything Plan a few months ago. Not only were they taking people off of unlimited data, but they were making them pay large fees for a very small amount of data to be shared across all devices on a plan. AT&T said they would be doing the …

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Verizon Spokesperson Unable to Explain Data Plan Changes

Verizon’s shift to tiered data plans and its killing off of its unlimited data plans has upset many subscribers, but it wasn’t unexpected. The major wireless providers in the U.S. have been shifting away from the unlimited data plans of the past for a while now. It’s clear why: smartphones have shifted phone usage away from voice calls toward messaging …

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Verizon to Raise FiOS Rates

It was recently reported that Verizon will be ending tiered data plans, and to further upset its customer base, it will likewise be raising it’s FiOS bundled internet access, telephone and television service rates. Verizon CFO Fran Shammo states, “Look, we believe that it is a superior product in the marketplace.” Verizon spent $23 billion expanding its FiOS network, and …

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