Bruno Mars Act Could Help to End Ticket Scalping

Bruno Mars Act Could Help to End Ticket Scalping

By Ann Casano February 17, 2014

The Bruno Mars Act? After Bruno Mars rocked the Super Bowl halftime show, the Hawaiian born singer’s entertainment value sky-rocketed to record heights. So much so, in fact, that three of his upcoming concerts in Honolulu, Hawaii sold out in …

Ticketmaster Testing Online Seat Map Feature

Ticketmaster has begun beta testing a new online "Interactive Seat Maps" for a select number of sports teams.

Interactive Seat Maps allows users to navigate and choose from all seats and configurations. Ticketmaster’s traditional "best available" searches uses computers to search availability one row at a time, the upgraded maps allows people to look for tickets in any part of a venue.

Ticketmaster Agrees To Change Online Sales Policy
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Ticketmaster has reached an agreement with the state of New Jersey about how it handles online ticket sales after complaints from users about how it redirected them to its reseller site TicketsNow and charged them up to 50 times the face value for Bruce Springsteen tickets.

Ticketmaster Faces Fake Facebook Friends
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Okay, marketers and PR types, so listen: It’s very risky to fake stuff on the Internet; you’re likely to be called out. There might have been a time when there was no such thing as bad publicity, but that was before everything was set in digital perpetuity by Google. Today, bad publicity hangs there like a fart on the elevator.

And everybody knows it was you.

Ticketmaster Obtains TicketsNow

Late last week, IAC’s Ticketmaster completed its acquisition of a software provider called Paciolan.  Today, Ticketmaster is on the move again with a $265 million deal to buy TicketsNow.

Ticketmaster To Launch NFL Resale Site

Ticketmaster has partnered with the National Football League to launch a Web site next year where people can resell tickets to pro football games.

IAC Splits; HSN, Ticketmaster, LendingTree Spun Off

InterActiveCorp (IAC) has just announced that it will divide up the media conglomerate into five businesses.

Reuters reports IAC will keep Ask.com, Match.com, Evite, Citysearch, and Excite, while spinning off its HSN home shopping network, Interval time-share business, Ticketmaster ticket service, and its mortgage referral business LendingTree.

IAC Shatters Into Five Pieces

Ticketmaster, Interval, Lending Tree, and the Home Shopping Network will be spun off IAC, leaving the group to exist as five separate publicly traded companies.

Ticketmaster’s Auction Model
TicketMaster, a near monopoly which hated ticket auctions in the past, now auctions seats for a premium. You can bid on an auction for row 1, and if the minimum bid drops below the required amount to win they will automatically drop you into an auction for row 2, and so on.

Online Holiday Sales Soar

Online spending continues to increase at a record breaking pace. Cyber Monday the first Monday after Thanksgiving saw online sales reach an all time high of $608 million. The record was short lived. Last Monday, December 4 online sales shot to $647 million according to comScore Networks. That is $39 million more in online spending than on Cyber Monday. It also marks a 26 percent increase over the same day from last year.

AskCity From Ask.com

Ask.com has taken its existing maps service, combined it with content from parent-company IAC’s CitySearch and Ticketmaster, stirred the ingredients and baked at 400F for 20 minutes. The result? A great new way to search for business, events, movies and maps using a new service called AskCity.