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Bruno Mars Act Could Help to End Ticket Scalping

The Bruno Mars Act? After Bruno Mars rocked the Super Bowl halftime show, the Hawaiian born singer’s entertainment value sky-rocketed to record heights. So much so, in fact, that three of his upcoming concerts in Honolulu, Hawaii sold out in two hours. Tom Moffataa, a local promoter, said he had never witnessed anything before like Mars’ ticket rush in the …

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Once Again, Louis C.K. Finds Success In Cutting Out The Middleman

Louis C.K. continues to give a giant middle finger to middlemen, networks, and anyone who would attempt to make you pay any more than is reasonable or necessary for his product. And the awesome thing is that it continues to work. Earlier this week we told you that Louis C.K. had decided to forgo Ticketmaster and sell tickets for his …

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Louis C.K. Gives Ticketmaster The Finger, Sells Tix Himself

Comedian Louis C.K. is pretty well known for doing things however the hell he wants to do them, and when it comes to selling tickets to his stand-up shows, he’s not just going to acquiesce to the man (i.e. Ticketmaster). He’s going to sell them himself. He did something similar with his comedy special “Live At The Beacon”, selling downloads …

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String Cheese Incident Sticks it to Ticketmaster, Scalps Their Own Tickets

String Cheese Incident, like most people on the planet, hate Ticketmaster. Sure, one should expect to pay some sort of fee when utilizing a specific service, but many feel that the company takes advantage of bands and their legions of concert-going fans. Such is the case with String Cheese Incident, a jam band out of Colorado that decided to help …

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String Cheese Incident Protests Tickemaster Fees

A jam rock band named “String Cheese Incident” (SCI) is not very happy with the way that Ticketmaster does business. So in protest they took about $20,000 and 50 fans and bought as many tickets as they could to their upcoming show at the world famous Greek Theater in Berkley, California. They then took those tickets, which were bought for …

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Ticketmaster Testing Online Seat Map Feature

Ticketmaster has begun beta testing a new online "Interactive Seat Maps" for a select number of sports teams.

Interactive Seat Maps allows users to navigate and choose from all seats and configurations. Ticketmaster’s traditional "best available" searches uses computers to search availability one row at a time, the upgraded maps allows people to look for tickets in any part of a venue.

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Ticketmaster Agrees To Change Online Sales Policy

Ticketmaster has reached an agreement with the state of New Jersey about how it handles online ticket sales after complaints from users about how it redirected them to its reseller site TicketsNow and charged them up to 50 times the face value for Bruce Springsteen tickets.

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Ticketmaster Faces Fake Facebook Friends

Okay, marketers and PR types, so listen: It’s very risky to fake stuff on the Internet; you’re likely to be called out. There might have been a time when there was no such thing as bad publicity, but that was before everything was set in digital perpetuity by Google. Today, bad publicity hangs there like a fart on the elevator.

And everybody knows it was you.

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Ticketmaster Obtains TicketsNow

Late last week, IAC’s Ticketmaster completed its acquisition of a software provider called Paciolan.  Today, Ticketmaster is on the move again with a $265 million deal to buy TicketsNow.

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