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Puppy with ‘Lion’s Blood’ Sells for $2M in China

An ancient canine breed called the Tibetan Mastiff has become a status symbol among the affluent of China, and a puppy recently sold for a record-breaking $2 million. The golden-haired dog measuring 31 inches tall was purchased by a property developer from Qingdao. Purebred Tibetan Mastiffs are sought after in their rarity, as the majority of existing bloodlines have been …

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Tibetan Mastiff: World’s Most Expensive Dog Sold For $1.9 Million

A Tibetan mastiff puppy reportedly sold in China for 12 million yuan, or a whopping $1.9 million. An unnamed property developer bought the puppy at a luxury pet fair held in Zhejiang. These huge canines were said to be used for hunting in ancient times. They were more prominently used by nomadic cultures travelling in Tibet and Central Asia. Today, …

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Tibetan Mastiff Pup Sells For Almost $2 Million

To some dog owners, bigger is better and if you are looking for a big dog with an even bigger heart, the breed for you may be the Tibetan mastiff. These dogs can grow to be up to 3 feet tall and weigh up to 200 pounds. Although the breed is popular, especially in China, dog trainers warn that they …

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