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Thug Notes Tackles Catcher in the Rye and the World of Fake-Ass Adults

Continuing his quest to become the best classic literature discussion channel on YouTube, Sparky Sweets (PhD) has taken on J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye in the latest installment of Thug Notes. “So when Holden preaching about the glass cases up in the museum, what he really saying is that he don’t wanna join the ranks of them fake …

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1984, As Explained by Thug Notes’ Sparky Sweets, PhD

Sparky Sweets, PhD, is back you guys. As promised, the latest round of Thug Notes (Classic literature, original gangster) tackles George Orwell’s seminal classic 1984. “Yo, you know what else is wack? As the party recreates reality, eventually all your individual qualities get kicked straight to the curb. How’s a brother gonna know he exists if all he be is …

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Meet Thug Notes, the Best Classic Literature Discussion on YouTube

“Jem’s crippled ass is a metaphor for America’s jacked-up justice system. Jem f*ckin’ up his arm so young is one of them synecdoches for a country that was born with backward-ass ideas. Now, that sh*t might heal, but it gonna leave a disablin’ scar on the nation, and ain’t no amount of cocoa butter gonna make that sh*t go away.” …

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