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House of Cards Gets a Terrific Sesame Street Parody

Some people say there’s too much pork in this town. I could not agree more. Sesame Street is smarter than your average kids show, and sometimes it likes to let mom and dad in on the fun. Take this excellent House of Cards parody ‘House of Bricks’, starring Frank Underwolf. It’s the best retelling of the Three Little Pigs story …

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Covering The Three Little Pigs In a Social Media Era

How would the modern world cover the conspiracy surrounding The Three Little Pigs? Would they blame the wolf? Would Twitter trends pop up in support of the Wolf’s plight? What about the Pigs? Would their hard scrabble life–having to move again and again because of unsound housing conditions, which were exacerbated by their natural predator–make them sympathetic figures while they …

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