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Charles Ramsey Interview Gets The Autotune Treatment

Charles Ramsey is not your typical hero. That much was obvious in his interview last week after helping rescue three kidnapped women who had been held in a basement for a decade. That interview was soon turned into a song that became a viral sensation. Ramsey told TMZ that he absolutely adores the autotuned version of his interview. He told …

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Cleveland: Suicide Note Found in Castro’s House

Earlier this week, three women held against their will for years were rescued when a local man heard one of them screaming and came to the rescue. The women were later revealed to be Michelle Knight, Gina DeJesus, and Amanda Berry, who had been missing for ten years. Their captor has since been identified as Ariel Castro, who kept the …

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911 Operator Criticized For Rudeness Towards Amanda Berry

The 911 operator who took the call from kidnap victim Amanda Berry has come under fire and is reportedly being investigated by her superiors after the recording was released this week. Berry, who went missing at age 14 in 2003, has been held captive with two other women for ten years in a Cleveland home by Ariel Castro, who allegedly …

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Nancy Grace: Parking Lot Interview Gets Weird

Nancy Grace has almost as many detractors as she does loyal followers, so it’s no surprise that after an odd interview popped up on CNN between her and Ashleigh Banfield, screenshots began making their way around the web faster than you can say, “When I was a prosecuting attorney”. Grace has been in Arizona to cover every moment of the …

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Three Kidnapped Women Were Held At This House For 10 Years

By now, you’re well aware that three women were found safe after being held captive in a man’s basement for 10 years in Cleveland, OH. The story (and the unlikely hero) have captured the attention of the nation, but now people are beginning to ask questions. Why couldn’t police find these women after they went missing? Well, the house in …

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Three Kidnapped Women: Rescuer Is A Meme Waiting To Happen

The man who helped rescue three women being held captive in Ohio yesterday is hilarious, and I suspect it’s a matter of time before a new crop of memes begin popping up in his honor. Charles Ramsey, who lived next door to the home, heard the screams of a frantic young woman and helped her open the door after she …

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