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Interview with Aaron Wall

One of the most visible SEO pundits on the web is unquestionably, Aaron Wall.

Tell Me Its Not A Software Bundle!
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ThreadWatch writes that the Wall Street Journal has the scoop on Google’s CES announcement, and its a video download rental service and a software bundle?

Google Home PC’s Coming?

The LA Times is reporting Google may announce the launch of a Google home computer system.

Nick Wilson Sells Threadwatch

Nick Wilson has sold Threadwatch to Aaron Wall of SEO Book.

Nick Wilson Departs Threadwatch

SEOBook’s Aaron Wall has taken over the Threadwatch community site, as Wilson moves on to focus on his developing professional blogging site, Performancing.

Google Testing Site Ban Notification Emails

When reading the various SEO forums, one of the bigger complaints I’ve noticed is the lack of two-way communication with Google.

ThreadWatch Launches Blogging Is Not A Crime Campaign

Setting themselves up as champions of free speech, the folks at ThreadWatch have launched a campaign to collect money for SEOBook author Aaron Wall’s legal fund as he battles libel allegations from SEO company TrafficPower.

Feelin Flickrlicious?

In a never ending search for quality search, this writer through every fault of his own, stumbled upon a most excellent and tranquil website. The search on this site is extremely focused but quite entertaining.

Google’s Matt Cutts And JavaScript Redirects
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There are a number of different optimization techniques webmasters use to try and improve their search engine rankings, some acceptable (white hat SEO), some not (black hat SEO).

AdWords Algorithm Change Angers Advertisers

Threadwatch discusses a change Google has instituted in its ad system that is killing some advertisers…..

Ian Turner Issues Heartfelt Thank You

SEO expert Ian Turner, whose disappearance generated a hail of genuine support, has issued heartfelt gratitude for the support given to him during his ordeal.

Search Marketer Ian Turner Reported Found

The top story going around the blogospehere is that Ian Turner, a well-known and respected search marketer, has gone missing, dissapearing on the way home from last week’s WebMasterWorld Conference.

WebmasterWorld Moderator Ian Turner Missing

When something happens to a member of the SEO community, the Internet is a valuable tool for assisting those who are concerned. Such is the case with Ian Turner.

MSN Search – Flop with Search Community

I’m pretty certain that it’s not just me that has noticed that MSN Search is just not cutting it within the Search community, or even the wider tech/media blogging circles.

The 10 Minute RSS Primer – Getting Up To Speed with Bloglines

Okay, so i’ve become increasingly aware that many of the Threadwatch boys and girls, and Search marketing crowd in general don’t know much about RSS …

ThreadWatch, WebmasterWorld Catfight?

This was too funny to pass up. According to the Search Engine Roundtable WebmasterWorld has purchased the .net version of the ThreadWatch.org domain.

SMA-UK Faces Scrutiny

Think we don’t report on the criticism SMA-UK is getting … Think again — It’s unfortunate that, because of the major failure …

Is SEMPO Dead? SMA-NA Says You’re Fired!

There’s a new kid on the North American search engine marketing block and it’s has a target painted on the back of SEMPO. Several folks are talking about the story.

Checkmate for Microsoft?

I was checking out our new SearchBrains.com site which crawls articles from numerous blogs related to the search engine industry and links to them minutes after they are posted.