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Thomson Healthcare Debuts Free PDRHealth.com

The publishers behind the venerable Physicians’ Desk Reference opened a new site for consumers based on the same information platform as the book.

Why the Mainstream Media’s Still Important
Google is willing to give sites like Forbes a top ranking for keywords like SEO just because they published a recent article mentioning the topic. In a world where Google is closing more holes, them opening up the organic results to news sites is a treat to public relations firms.

Oracle 11i E-Business Suite Essentials
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I’ve recently written a couple of posts on the new certification track for Oracle Applications that has just been released.

News on the Go

Travelling to the UK today, ahead of co-presenting the second one-day workshop for Melcrum in London tomorrow on Enhancing your Intranet with New Technology: How to Make the Most of Social Media.

Quaero Frightened Off The Web

French technology firm Thomson has withdrawn the Quaero project website after a barrage of interest from people followed French President Chriac’s portrayal of Quaero as a Google challenger.

Google Scholar Has Lots To Learn

The Mountain View-based search engine company’s latest product gets the folks at Thomson Gale to turn up their noses.

Thomson Gale Database Free For All

Thomson Gale, an information and education service provider has announced that during Library Appreciation Week (April 18-24) it will allow free access to over 20 different databases.