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Melissa Etheridge Says Her New Album is Lustier Thanks to New Wife

Melissa Etheridge has had more in one life than the next five people put together. She was one of the earliest rock stars to come out as a lesbian and make an impact that broke down barriers for many more to come. She has been tabloid fodder, survived cancer, weathered heartbreak, and rocked like hardly anyone else. Now she has …

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Melissa Etheridge, Welcome Back!

“You can’t beat what just happened right now. You can’t make enough records to make that happen.” – Melissa Etheridge, backstage post-show in Holland, 1990. In the 1990’s Melissa Etheridge was starting her climb. Her first three records were the product of a workhorse musician. Etheridge toured. She built her following the old-fashioned way, live. She had Grammy nominations and …

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