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Managers, as a group, tend to be action-oriented. We measure ourselves, our importance and our effectiveness in part by the level of activity around us. The louder the hum of machinery, the faster the shuffle of feet in the corridor and the larger the proportion of time we spend in meetings, the better things must be. Stuff is happening, and that’s what we’re supposed to do: make things happen.

PHP On-The-Fly!
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PHP can be used for a lot of different things, and is one of the most powerful scripting languages available on the web. Not to mention it’s extremely cheap and widely used. However, one thing that PHP is lacking, and in fact most scripting languages are, is a way to update pages in real-time, without having to reload a page or submit a form.

Cell Phones Not as Secure as You Think
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People are starting to become aware of the fact that cell phones are just as vulnerable as computers when it comes to hackers.

Blogging Think Tank Gets Good PR

Did you know that The Public Policy Institute of New York State, a nonprofit think tank, has launched a new weblog focused on economic issues in upstate New York and related policy questions…

Knowledge management: Are You Too Busy to Think?

There are certain words you need to ban the use of, and “busy” is one of them. In knowledge-driven economies, “busy” is an outdated word that reflects a manual labor approach to work. Instead of “busy” you need to use words such as “effective” and “productive”.

Think You Cant Afford the Help You Need? Think Again!
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So many small business owners – especially those who work from home – are very pressed for time.

Reprogramming Your Mind To Work From Home

What in the world does that mean? Exactly, what it means.. people

Boomerang Customers- What You Might not Think Brings Them Back!

With all of the calendars and PDA’s and lists I make I recently did a really dumb thing. I forgot my best friend’s birthday and her anniversary. Both special days are back to back and I forgot both of them. After being friends for twenty years I feel old and stupid!

One Simple but Useful Pay Per Click Advertising Trick
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There are many techniques people use for tracking the performance of their PPC campaigns. Some are incredibly advanced and intense and others are plain and simple. One little trick I like to use is not only simple to put in place, but can provide very powerful results.

5 Things to Think About for Online Business Success

Being successful and making millions in an online business, or any business for that matter, is a conscious effort to be successful and make money. “Of course I have that!” you say? But do you? We all want to be rich, but do you have what it takes to BE rich.

Google Patent Reveals New ReRanking Algorithm

A recently filed Google patent reveals a possible future change in Google’s algorithm. The algorithm-chasers out there engaging in high-risk seo techniques should pay special attention.

Are you an Intrepreneur?

Intrepreneur (intrupru’nur, n. ) One who organises an Internet Venture and assumes the risks for it ; risk-taking businessperson : someone who sets up and finances new Internet enterprises to make a profit

GoogleGuy Requests End To The GoogleGuy-Says Site

The GoogleGuy Says site, which I covered in GoogleGuy Says: Google’s Forum Posts, received a WebMasterWorld posted cease and desist from GoogleGuy himself.

New Sites Dropped From Google?
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Some forums have reported that new sites take longer to rank well in Google – despite relatively high Page Rank.

Yahoo Results Now Reveal Your Destiny

A recent Onion article, “Yahoo Launches Soul-Search Engine,” made satirical claims that Yahoo launched a soul-searching engine.

Smart Pricing Changes AdSense Payouts
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In all the Gmail flurry last week Google sent around an email to their AdSense providers alerting them to a potential change in payouts known as “Smart Pricing.”

Google Gmail Privacy Issue Overblown?

Privacy advocates are up in arms over Google’s new free email service, Gmail. Their concern? Google plans to “read” each email and add relevant AdSense advertising.

Elvis: First Known Gmail User

Google announced a new free email service at the end of their West Coast day yesterday, ensuring a media blitz on the holiest of hoaxter holidays – April Fools Day. Is this upcoming service the real deal?

Google Signaling The Decline of ODP?

Google moved the ODP off the front page, causing a bit of a stir in forums and articles around the web. Is this a big deal, and what does it mean for webmasters?

Looking Back: Google in 1997

In celebration of how Google looks now I’d like to invite you to check out how they looked back in 1997.

Google Personalized: For The Search-Challenged

Google beta launched Google Personalized today, but it’s going to take a lot more functionality to get me to use it rather than keywords to narrow my search.