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Where Is The Economy Going?

Well at least bond traders are happy. Other investors see a flat to sliding economy based on the latest data.

Yahoo Search Marketing Kicks Off Think Big Contest

Yahoo! Search Marketing, formerly Overture Services, announced the launch of its “Think Big” contest, which will award one small business with 10 million free ad impressions across the Yahoo! network.

Pope Domain Speculation

In a great example of thinking ahead – Rogers Cadenhead registered the domain name BenedictXVI.com a couple of weeks ago.

Think Twice Before Selling ROI

When we’re selling to business people, our value proposition has to show a good return. Solid, credible Return On Investment (ROI) calculations are supposed to prove this for us. But if we don’t think twice, calculating ROI can sabotage our sale.

Judge of Khodorkovsky Trial Takes Time To Think

Judge Irina Kolesnikova of former Yukos Chief Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s trial has retired to think about the verdict setting an April 27 deadline.

CGI Holding Corporation Has A Record 2004

CGI Holding Corp d/b/a Think Partnership (AMEX: THK; parent company of WebSourced) today announced 2005 was a record year.

A Conversation with Steve Rubel, Micro Persuasion

Steve is Vice President Client Solutions at CooperKatz, a New York PR firm, and author of the Micro Persuasion blog. He is arguably the most prominent and influential blogger in the PR profession either side of the Atlantic.

Microsoft Knobbling the EU

A report from the Enquirer says that Microsoft may have deliberately borked the XP registery on the Windows Media Player free version of XP it’s been ordered to ship to the EU under anti-monopoly rulings.

Yahoo At 1 Gig, Better Late Than Never!

Bloggers are chattering away at the news that Yahoo is matching Google with a 1 gigabyte limit on their free email service.

PPC ClickFraud: It’s a Bigger Problem Than You Think

Pay per click search engine advertising is one of the most popular ways to promote a website.

ThinkSecret Calls For Apple Lawsuit Dismissal

Nick dePlume, owner of the Apple news site ThinkSecret, has called for the dismissal of lawsuits targeting him and his site.

WebSourced Parent To Acquire PrimaryAds

Admit it, you thought we were kidding when we said that we wanted to dominate online marketing.

Skype Approaches a Crossroads

Is Skype reaching a sort of crossroads with its internet phone service in terms of customer satisfaction …

What To Think Of Napster To Go?
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As many of you are aware, Napster, the name that launched a thousand lawsuits, targeted an advertised-laden attack at Apple’s ultra-successful iTunes music service.

Yahoo YQ Contextual Search Rocks

The new Yahoo contextual search feature [dubbed Y!Q] rocks! It’s like vivisimo without all the annoying crap getting in the way of your search and there’s no flash to bog down your pc. Clean and simple interface that doesn’t require any downloads and allows you to drill down into search results in an easy to use manner.

Crisis Communications Blogs – Use Them Cautiously

Blogs have a role to play in crisis communications. In some ways those communication features we need in a crisis are inherent in blogs.

Microsoft Gags Tech News Bloggers

Reported on Neowin this afternoon: After an exclusive story here at Neowin.net regarding future Windows Mobile Technologies …

Howard Dean Paid Bloggers

More evidence we’re living in a new media world with few rules. David Akin notes that The Wall Street Journal reported Friday, “…that the Daily Kos and another blog received $3,000 a month for four months from the Howard Dean campaign.”

Snide Remarks About Microsoft Anti-Spyware Foray

Microsoft’s recent entry into the anti-spyware business has sparked a number of interesting (and often sarcastic) responses by the media, competitors and others.

Blog Ads On Rough Times? I Don’t Think So!

MediaPost ran a story about one blogger [Evan Coyne Maloney] who’s having a difficult time getting ads he feels are “meant for his conservative audience” …

News 2.0: The Empire Strikes Back

Over at Business 2.0 Om Malik sees a new news network rising, powered by individuals …