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Whats The Best Kind of Link Bait?

Of all the emerging concepts related to search engine optimization and marketing online, there are several memes that I’m particularly interested in that seem to be building steam lately.

Now Hang On a Sec…

This week it feels like someone must have cursed our house with a Chinese curse and we’ve suddenly been thrust into “interesting times.” Yikes.

PR Isn’t Sinking, It’s Adapting

Tom Forensky ponders a big think question: why is the mainstream PR sector booming as the mainstream media sector is fading fast?

Interview with Todd Malicoat

I was planning to post this interview with Todd next Monday, but as usual, Todd has done a super job and providing insight into all things important about SEO.

What People Think Can Kill Managers

By delivering a body blow to their operation when business, non-profit, government agency or association managers, with public relations reporting to them, overlook assembling the PR resources and action planning needed to alter individual perception leading to changed behaviors among their most important outside audiences.

Les Blogs 2.0 Will Change the Way You Think

If you’re planning to join the more than 120 people already signed up to participate in Les Blogs 2.0 in Paris on 5-6 December, get clear in your mind right now that this will be no ordinary conference…

Apple Ad Doesn’t Think Different

It’s another hot trendy ad from the hot trendy company for a hot trendy product, except the ad looks just like someone else’s ad.

Teaching Large Companies To Think Like The Little Guys

Q: I am an executive at a large company and in our industry we are seeing a trend wherein smaller companies are gaining market share at an alarming rate.

Google Adjusts Site Targeting

In a recent issue of Page Zero Advisor, I argued (in part) as follows on the subject of Google’s new Site Targeting version of the content targeting program …

Educators Think Googles Doing Evil

A group of educators created a petition holding Google to task for some of their customers in the ad programs like AdWords/AdSense. The petition accuses Google of undermining education because of a number of advertisers showing up in AdSense market prewritten essays and term papers and in so doing, promotes academic fraud and plagiarism.

Think the Unthinkable

“What the people in business think they know about customer and market is more likely to be wrong than right. There is only one person who really knows: the customer.

Indeed, New York Times Interested In Company

Job search engine Indeed.com announced a joint venture including the New York Times has invested $5 million USD in the business.

7 Ways to Think About Lead Generation For Your Web-site

In what direction is your web site’s lead generation plan headed? Are you letting your target visitors tell you what they enjoy about your products and services? You need a system to let these loyal customers express their appreciation of your online presence in a way that benefits both of you.

Volvo Engineers: Im Not As Think As You Drunk I Am

Swedish automaker Volvo petitioned the Swedish government to let its engineers booze it up so they can properly test experimental safety features. Now that is a (hic) fringe benefit!

Doing Business in Europe: Not the Challenges You Think

If you plan to do sell your product or service in Europe the problems you encounter may not be the ones you expect.

Apple’s Halo: Running Windows Games On A Mac

The ability to install Windows XP on a partition residing in an Intel based Mac opens up new software possibilities.

Dell Would Be Glad To Think Different

While most heads of PC makers cowered from speaking on the record, due to their fear of Microsoft, a certain Texas-based executive spoke out.

Improving Lead Generating And Conversion Rates: Think Like a Farmer

John’s a freelance photographer in Ohio who called to tell me of his frustration with the advertising and promotional campaigns he has tried in the last couple of years.

Mainstream media knows more than you think

BBC News: Newspapers are far from dead, despite the challenge from online news and blogs, media executives have been told.

What Are You Really Marketing? It’s Not What You Think

You market your own business or you direct marketing for your company. You know what you are marketing – it’s obvious. Or is it?

Blogging Is a Fad … I Don’t Think So

Steve Rubel linked to a report that shows that very few people are reading blogs. Ahh, is the blog hype over? No, now the “anti-blog-hype-backlash” is beginning.