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Turkey Takes Censorship Several Steps Further
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Over two months ago, authorities in Turkey found a video on YouTube that implied Ataturk, the country’s founder, was gay.  Turkey banned YouTube, YouTube removed the clip, and the Turkish government got way too cocky – it’s now reserved the legal right to block any website with content it finds offensive to Ataturk’s memory.

MoveOn Blasts MySpace Over Censorship
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MoveOn’s executive director Eli Pariser called MySpace a "serial censorer of user-generated content" and presented a litany of complaints about the social networking site’s practices.

Why the Mainstream Media’s Still Important
Google is willing to give sites like Forbes a top ranking for keywords like SEO just because they published a recent article mentioning the topic. In a world where Google is closing more holes, them opening up the organic results to news sites is a treat to public relations firms.

Microsoft May Acquire 24/7 Real Media
Having missed out on the chance to buy DoubleClick, and then watched Yahoo pick up the Right Media, Microsoft is feeling a little left out of the party.

Forbes Finds SEO Red Light District
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SEO is a difficult topic for anybody new to the game. It’s proved especially difficult for Forbes, where an article about "Google Hell" had the experts shaking their heads. Not to rag too much on Forbes, the article did present an opportunity for clarification about Google’s supplemental index.

What Americans Think Of The iPhone
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The anticipation of the launch of Apple’s iPhone has created plenty of buzz. A new survey from Harris Interactive takes a deeper look on what American think about the mother of all mobiles.

They found that the iPhone is not yet a household word but that 47 percent of respondents were aware of the product and 17 percent had an interest in buying it, which they noted was impressive for a product that has not yet been released.

Mountain or Molehill: Reporting Paid Links to Google

Google has announced increased counter-measures will be put in place to neutralise the practice of buying links which game the ranking algorithms.

For many years webmasters and SEOs have indulged in buying links to boost the rankings of their sites in Google’s SERPs. This practice became especially prevalent as Google increased the link relevance in their ranking algorithm.

Is FireFox Socially Acceptable?
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Would you want to have social networking features built into whatever browser you use? That’s what Mozilla Labs is hoping as they are adding social networking features into the FireFox browser.

Marketing Minds Think It’s Great To Integrate
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Call it the Minority Report effect on the advertising world, as the Association of Network Advertisers (ANA) has seized upon "Integrated Marketing Communications" as the top concern of some of the most senior marketing executives working today.

Wisdom of Crowds Is Dead
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The problem with the human condition is that it involves humans. Bringing that condition online, fostering it with the Wisdom of Crowds philosophy, is slowly but surely proving what philosophers have said since humans first learned to write: the anonymous mob is powerful and passionate, but no more rational than an angry swarm of bees.

The Linkbait Bashing Circuit

Lately it seems to be quite fashionable to be on the linkbait bashing circuit. I came across a story on Digg which ties into my belief that you can make practically anything cool if you try hard enough.

Enterprise Web 2.0: Getting To Critical Mass

In an earlier post, I put forth a checklist of things to think about before launching a business-oriented Web 2.0 effort (thanks, everyone).  Going to continue that discussion here and get down to some tactics.  In particular, going to look at a number of the things that one can do to help get a community on the path to critical mass and, more importantly, ongoing sustainability.

Gord Interviews Matt Cutts

I had the chance to interview Matt Cutts this week about personalization and it’s impact on the SEO industry. Excerpts from the interview and some additional commentary are in my Just Behave column on Search Engine Land today. As promised, here is the full transcript of the interview:

Gord Interviews Marissa Mayer on Personalization

Below is the full transcript of the interview with Marissa Mayer on personalization of search results. For commentary, see the Just Behave column on Searchengineland.

Gord: It’s a little more than two weeks ago since Google made the announcement that personalization would become more of a default standard for more users on Google.  Why did you move towards making that call?

What Searchers Think When Looking at Results

What are searchers thinking when they stare down a list of search results? Actually, the first thing to keep in mind is that searchers don’t stare at search results. They don’t even read them. They scan them. They quickly skim the page hunting for the word they typed into the search box, along with a few other words they’re thinking but didn’t bother typing.

Google Buys Video Game Ad Firm

Red Herring is reporting Google has acquired video game advertising firm, Adscape Media for $23 million. It’s unclear at this stage whether this is a just a move to buy a "few potentially interesting patents" or Google’s entry into in-game advertising.

Do VCs Make Less Than You Think?

For some reason, I find myself reading a fair number of VC blogs. This is mostly out of curiosity. Though I’ve never raised venture capital for a startup before, I find the industry interesting.

SEM and Lateral Thinking Skills

Joe Sinkwitz, also known as Cygnus, has a great post explaining how the polarized view of SEO is quite naive and inaccurate in nature.

Online Ads: Think Time, Not Eyeballs

Online advertising is meeting a crossroad in 2007, shifting from a focus on generic keyword targeting and universal search results to a more targeted, behavioral-based model. Page views and traditional SEO will lose focus, and Google is leading the way on all roads at once.

Why Apple’s New iPhone Promotes Better Markup

I have to say I’m completely in love with the Apple iPhone Steve Jobs just announced.

Will CES to be a Snore?

Seagate gets out in front of CES news with announcements that a terabyte hard drive is coming. It’s on top of TechMeme.

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