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Google Glass Gets Its Own “Privacy Cover”

A lot of people are concerned about Google Glass. Most feel that those who use the wearable computers will be infringing on their privacy with the device’s camera. There’s a simple solution though – just put a box over it. Designer rweaving has shared what he calls the “Glass privacy cover” on Thingiverse. It’s a small plastic casing created via …

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Can 3D Printing Really Change Everything?

3D printing has easily established itself as something amazing. Is it really the revolutionary technology that everybody makes it out to be though? That’s the question behind a new episode of PBS’ wonderful Off Book series. This week, Off Book interviews numerous 3D printing insiders and experts to get their opinions on the future of the technology: Much attention has …

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3D Printers Are Changing How Designers Make And Market Art

If you believe the hype, 3D printing will be everywhere sooner or later. It’s only a matter of time before the price comes down enough for everybody to afford one. Many companies are jumping onto the hype train before it becomes mainstream, but one company in particular is the focus of today’s video. The Creator’s Project, a video series that …

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Print Your Own Transforming Chess Robot

The design for this chess-transformer was first posted on Thingiverse, a MakerBot, Industries website that allows users to post digital designs for objects that can be printed using a 3D printer, such as a MakerBot. Thingiverse user cymon designed the robot as an entry into MakerBot, Industries’ “Design a Chess Set” challenge. The winner of the challenge will receive their …

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3D Printer Can Make You Anything

When WebProNews hit Vegas for the CES 2010 conference, we came across a number of new and interesting gadgets.

The MakerBot’s CupCake CNC is a 3D printer/fabricator that can make just about anything you want. As long as the object you desire can be made out of ABS plastic and stays in a size range of 4″x4″x6".

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