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Japanese Search Project Could Challenge Google

Google’s search dominance has reached legendary proportions, and the term “Google killer” has become something of a joke.  But there’s word that a number of powerful companies, along with the Japanese government, will work together to challenge the search giant.

118 218 Embraces Exalead
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First things first: 118 218 is a French directory assistance number.  It’s provided by Le Numero, which can be traced to INFONXX, but that’s all secondary.  What’s interesting is that 118 218 searches are now powered by Exalead.

Europe’s Challenge to Google’s Dominance

It seems the European Union is all too quick to question Google’s dominance and probe its acquisitions, but is there a huge conflict of interest to consider?

Theseus Aid Gets EU Authorization

The mythological Theseus was a Greek hero who became a king; he presumably became filthy rich, as well.  The modern Theseus – a German search engine project – has also gained quite a bit of money: the European Commission just authorized $165 million in aid.