Google Adds Custom Themes To Google Forms

Google Adds Custom Themes To Google Forms

By Chris Crum September 2, 2014

Google announced the launch of custom themes for Google Forms. You can now find a ‘Change theme” button in the toolbar. Associate product manager Bay Gross writes on the Google Drive blog, “Google Forms makes it easy to gather information …

iGoogle’s Artist Themes

Google in the US is currently promoting a new “artist themes” section for iGoogle via a special logo and text below the search box.

iGoogle Themes Get A Directory
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Remember how, in the early days of consumer computers, so much attention was paid to backgrounds and screensavers?  iGoogle might have followed this trend, except that it’s often hard to come across different themes.  So now Google has gone and created an iGoogle themes directory.

SMX: Cutts on Themes and Latent Semantic Indexing

Having worked closely with latent semantic indexing, during my time at FI, I’ve become a big advocate of making sure you have structured themes in your content, and that you include a supporting cast of semantically connected keywords.

In this clip from SMX Advanced, Matt Cutts shares how Google is continually testing the use of LSI, and keyword themes.

Google’s Themes for Your Homepage
Say good bye to the plain old search box on a white background. If you want to say good bye that is. Google added custom themes to your personal home page today. You’re still welcome to keep the old standard, but I’ve already got a new theme.

From the Associated Press

Sprucing up its famously plain Web site, Google Inc. is offering a new option that plants its Internet search box in panoramic settings that change with the time of day and the outside weather.

Missing the Point: Blog Post Themes

It happens to all writers at one time or another. It may be an occupational hazard that occurs when fingers tap keyboards. A reader will misunderstand the point of your blog post. There may even be issue taken with a very obscure part of the article. Instead of debate taking place over the main theme of the column, some obscure section may find itself the topic of various interpretations.

Google Talk Themes

Ever since the new avatar/themed version of Google Talk came out, people have been creating themes for it, many of them pretty cool. Lets try to run them down.

WordPress.com Gets New Themes

The fun crew over at Wordpress.com is slowly bringing in new features.

Blog Channel to Multiple RSS Feeds

John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing is a highly innovative blogger and business person.
Fresh marketing concepts are part of his stock in trade.

11 Ways to Celebrate National Women’s History Month

It’s National Women’s History Month and this year’s theme is “Women Pioneering the Future”. Here are some ways to join the celebration:

What Makes Teoma Different: Did Anyone Say “Themes?”

What Makes Teoma Different: Did Anyone Say “Themes?”
If there could ever be a search engine designed specifically to reward the developers of high-value, high-content websites, Teoma is it. Teoma likes content-rich websites (just like yours) with lots of links from related sites (you work on this every day, right?), that follow a consistent theme (there’s that word again!).