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Bitcoin Theft Drains $92,000 from Bitcoinica

A Bitcoin exchange service was victim of a security breach over the weekend in a heist that yielded 18,547 BTC to unknown hackers. A post on Bitcoinica’s official blog detailed that its servers were compromised and, following the complete draining of the service’s online wallet, caused Bitcoinica to halt all operations while they figure out what went wrong. Bitcoinica makes …

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Chris Brown Accused By Fan Of Stealing Her Phone

On Sunday night, the ever feuding Chris Brown had another incident in what seems to be a never ending stream to constantly remind us of how much of a terrible human being he is! According to the accuser, when she approached Chris Brown’s vehicle to take a picture of him, he snatched the phone from her hand and said “Bitch …

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Police Want Way To Shut Down Phones Remotely

Getting your phone stolen is pretty bad. Having the information on your phone stolen is even worse. Washington D.C. police want a solution. While there are there ways such as Find My iPhone and other tracking software available to find stolen phones, there‚Äôs really no way to shut down a phone from afar like one can a credit card. The …

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TSA Agent Steals Money From Passenger at JFK International Airport

In the spirit of providing outstanding customer service and unparalleled security a Transportation Security Administration agent at John F. Kennedy International Airport stole $5,000 in cash from a Bangladeshi passenger’s jacket. Alexandra Schmid took the money as it went along an X-ray conveyor belt Wednesday night at Terminal 4 of the New York Airport. The 31-year-old Brooklyn resident has been …

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