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Hugh Jackman Cuts Himself Onstage, Just Like He Predicted

Someone should explain to Hugh Jackman the concept of jinxing oneself. Jackman is currently involved with Jez Butterworth’s stage production of The River. In that play, he brings his girlfriend to a remote fishing cabin. In one scene, Jackman is scripted to clean, prepare and cook a real trout on stage. He is to do this every night. Talking to …

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Hugh Jackman Risks Injury Nightly for Broadway Role

Hugh Jackman can eviscerate a bad guy with adamantium claws that protrude and retract from his skin as Wolverine, fierce X-Men member. Hugh Jackman can also bring tears to the eyes of audience members as Jean Valjean, imploring God to “Bring Him Home” in Les Miserables. Jackman can sing. And he can do it in front of a live audience, …

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Hugh Jackman Will Return To Broadway This Fall

Hugh Jackman, the famous Aussie actor currently on a round of X-Men promotion, has already announced his next acting gig: Broadway. Jackman, 45, will return to Broadway this fall in “The River,” a play by Jez Butterworth that tells the story of a fisherman (Jackman) and a missing woman, set in a remote cabin by the water. The play is …

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Netflix To Possibly Acquire ABC’s “The River”

Netflix, who has been in talks with 20th Century FOX regarding taking over its recently cancelled dinosaur drama Terra Nova, might also have its eye on ABC’s The River, which also faces cancellation. Reports state that Netflix has been in talks with ABC Studios about continuing to produce The River, an Amazonian found-footage/paranormal/action/horror series, for its streaming service. Still, it …

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