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Salma Hayek Enjoy Mommy-Daughter Date Night With Valentina at ‘The Prophet’ Premiere

Salma Hayek enjoyed a mommy-daughter date night with her girl, Valentina Paloma, at the premiere of the animated film

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Salma Hayek Bonds With Her Daughter Over Her Latest Film

Salma Hayek is making her latest project all about family. Hayek brought her daughter Valentina Paloma to the Los Angeles premiere of the animated film Hayek produced called The Prophet. The film was based on the Khalil Gibran classic of the same name, which is usually a heavy read for kids, despite being quite a short book. Salma Hayek’s daughter …

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Salma Hayek in Lebanon for New Animated Film

Salma Hayek has been visiting Lebanon. While Salma Hayek herself was born in Mexico, her paternal grandfather was Lebanese. But this was not just some family roots trip. Salma Hayek was in Lebanon for the international premiere of the animated feature film The Prophet. The Prophet was written and directed by Roger Allers, the maker of the Disney production The …

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Salma Hayek Makes First Meaningful Trip to Lebanon, Her Father’s Ancestral Home, For World Premiere of ‘The Prophet’

Salma Hayek made her first trip to her father’s ancestral homeland of Lebanon on Sunday. Salma Hayek is in the country to attend the world premiere of The Prophet, an animated film she produced. The film is based on the book by famed Lebanese philosopher Gibran Khalil Gibran. The Prophet is about “the courage to speak up, to believe you …

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Salma Hayek Visits Her Ancestral Homeland To Launch Animated Film ‘The Prophet’

A line from a poem by the poet Khalil Gibran was a fitting ode to Salma Hayek on her return to her ancestral homeland of Lebanon. A poster with the poem “The children of my Lebanon, those who migrate with nothing but courage in their hearts and strength in their arms but who return with wealth in their hands and …

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Salma Hayek: #BringBackOurGirls at Cannes Film Festival

Salma Hayek launched a demonstration at the Cannes Film Festival this week in support of the kidnapped Nigerian school girls taken at the hands of Boko Haram. She carried at #BringBackOurGirls sign on the festival’s red carpet as she promoted the premiere of her film The Prophet. She is latest in a string of celebrities to show support for the …

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