Woody Allen Responds to Molestation Allegations

Woody Allen Responds to Molestation Allegations

By Courtney Wills February 9, 2014

Woody Allen, the famed film director and one-time lover of actress Mia Farrow, published an op-ed in Friday’s edition of The New York Times responding to reignited allegations of molestation by his adopted daughter, Dylan. In 1992, during Allen’s court …

Free Nook With Purchase of NYT Offer Runs Through March 9th Free Nook With Purchase of NYT Offer Runs Through March 9th

Barnes & Noble has just announced a new promotion that offers big savings on their Nook line of e-readers, but also requires a pretty big commitment to a certain digital publication. If you were looking to purchase a year’s subscription …

WikiLeaks Slams The New York Times via Twitter WikiLeaks Slams The New York Times via Twitter

Yesterday, the New York Times published an article courtesy of Read Write Web that suggested that WikiLeaks was responsible for exposing the sources behind over 250,000 leaked classified cables from U.S. embassies around the world. And today, WikiLeaks has responded …

The New York Times Rolls Out iPad App

The New York Times has introduced its free app for the iPad called "The Editors’ Choice app."

The Editors’ Choice app offers two pages of content from the top eight to ten articles in news, business, technology, opinion and feature sections from The Times along with videos and slideshows.

A Tear In The Link Economy Fabric

For a decade and a half the outbound link was a "hat tip," a courtesy or even system of content reimbursement; the "Web" is a web because of linking, each quality website helping to prop up another. It was actually kind of socialist in nature.

LinkedIn, NYTimes.com Bond Over Targeted Articles, Ads

It’s sometimes nice to see irrelevant news stories; look at the popularity of "Offbeat" sections if you need any proof.  Business-oriented individuals often want the best possible understanding of their industries, though, and NYTimes.com and LinkedIn are partnering in an attempt to provide it to them.

New York Times Launches Social Network

The New York Times has launched a social networking platform called TimesPeople, which is in public beta.

TimesPeople is a Firefox browser add-on. The company says it will launch a public version of the social platform later this year that will not require a plug-in and will work on all major browsers.

New York Times Company Could Sell Assets

Executives at the New York Times Company aren’t yet stocking up on "For Sale" signs.  Still, for the right price, it’s starting to seem like they’re willing to part with any property other than the similarly named newspaper.

NYT Facebook App Succeeds, Saves The Day?

In my mind, Facebook and The New York Times were never aimed at the same demographic.  Nonetheless, the Times has launched a Facebook application, and – here’s the really surprising part – the app appears to have succeeded.

MySpace Teams With New York Times

MySpace will be partnering with The New York Times for its second annual "Win A Trip With Nick" African reporting competition. One college or graduate student and one middle or high school teacher will have the chance to travel with columnist Nick Kristof on an expedition to Africa. MySpace is creating a community for users in the contest and will offer video from the expedition.