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Charlize Theron Talks Sean Penn, He’s the Love of Her Life

Charlize Theron opened up during a recent interview with People magazine about her relationship with Sean Penn. The two–a couple for a little more than a year now–recently worked together, adding a new facet to their togetherness. Sean Penn directed Charlize Theron in the upcoming film The Last Face. “Putting aside that he’s my partner, he’s the love of my …

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Charlize Theron: Reports That Claim Sean Penn Filed Papers to Adopt Charlize Theron’s Son Are Reportedly False

Charlize Theron may indeed be close to marrying boyfriend Sean Penn, but reports claiming that the actor filed papers to adopt her three-year-old son Jackson, are false, according to People magazine. Charlize Theron adopted her son when he was an infant from her home country of South Africa in 2012, and it’s been well-documented that Sean Penn, 53, is close …

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Charlize Theron Stars in Sean Penn’s “The Last Face”

Years ago House of Cards star Robin Wright tried to develop a script for a 1990s love story set in an African refugee camp; however, she and writer/director Erin Dignam could never get it financed so, sadly, it fell to the wayside. Until now. 53-year old actor, director, and ex-husband of Wright, Sean Penn, has been asked to direct The …

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