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The Guild – I’m The One That’s Cool, Other Geek & Sundry Shows Premiere

As an avid ‘The Guild’ fan, it’s been interesting to witness the evolution of the show throughout the years. From watching the first season, when the show was relatively unknown and looked like it was on a shoestring budget to the present. Now, The Guild is watched by millions and Felicia Day, its creator, has her own official YouTube channel …

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Felicia Day to Host a 12-hour Google+ Hangout

Felicia Day, creator of the popular web series The Guild, will host a marathon 12-hour Google+ Hangout on April 1 to support the launch of a new YouTube channel, Geek and Sundry. The Hangout is a subscription drive for the YouTube channel, which will be home to geeky shows hosted by well-known (to the internet) “ceWEBrities”. Here is the YouTube …

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Geek & Sundry, Felicia Day’s Genius Five Days a Week

If you’re a fan of the online web series The Guild, and appreciate Felicia Day’s humor that she etches into each episode then you’re ecstatic for Geek & Sundry. This YouTube channel is a Felicia Day creation which looks to take various aspects of nerd-dom and present it in a weekly episodic format, featuring 1-2 different shows every day. Here’s …

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