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Dianna Agron Debuts New Platinum Hair

Dianna Agron has joined the growing list of celebrities who are making major hair changes lately. The 28-year-old Glee star went platinum and paraded the new ‘do around West Hollywood and Gracias Madre restaurant. Her newly lightened tresses were said to channel Marilyn Monroe as she shopped in Beverly Hills on Tuesday and sported a short white dress. Dianna Agron …

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Michelle Pfeiffer Says Robert De Niro Is Influential

During Michelle Pfeiffer’s most recent film, The Family, she got to co-star alongside Robert De Niro, who she said had a great influence on the set. ”He’s a classic example of someone who’s iconic and effortlessly puts actors at ease the moment you meet him,” Pfeiffer said. “You just show up to the set and you’re part of a team …

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Michelle Pfeiffer Used to be in a Cult

She thought they were personal trainers. Young, beautiful, naive actress arrives in Hollywood and gets lured into a cult. TV Movie of the Week? A film coming to an area theater near you? It certainly could be. It’s also the story of blonde knockout Michelle Pfeiffer. It seems that when the 55-year-old actress first arrived in Hollywood at the tender …

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De Niro and Pfeiffer Discuss New Movie

No strangers to mafia/gangster movies, actor Robert De Niro (Taxi Driver, The Godfather Part II, Goodfellas) and actress Michelle Pfeiffer (Scarface) got together for an interview on Fox411 to discuss their upcoming movie “The Family”. “The Family” was produced by Martin Scorsese and stars De Niro as an ex-crime boss of the Mafia (a role that De Niro has made …

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Michelle Pfeiffer Tells Robert De Niro Secret

Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro are co-starring in their new film, “The Family”. This is the first movie that the two have ever starred in together, but it is not the first time that they have worked together. Pfeiffer admitted a secret to De Niro, telling him that she auditioned for his 1980 classic, “Raging Bull”, and was so …

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Robert De Niro Stars in “The Family”, In Theaters Today

  If there’s anything Robert De Niro has a knack for, it’s bringing the Mafia world to life on the big screen. With memorable films like “Good Fellas” and “The God Father”, De Niro has an impeccable reputation of portraying the brash, callous Italian mobster. Now, he’s made his way back to theaters with “The Family”. According to ABC News, …

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